Traveling is one of the greatest luxuries of life. However, if you travel with kids, the experience can become stressful if you’re not prepared or don’t have the right tools to ensure a seamless trip. The good news is that there are a variety of resources that can help make traveling with kids an enjoyable experience for you as a parent. Here are some must-have items we recommend for any trip with your son or daughter.

UGB Garment Bag

The UGB garment bag is a two-in-one duffle bag that makes it easy to pack your child’s clothes for any getaway or vacation. It easily converts from a duffle to a garment bag with a zipper and is lightweight yet durable. Your child can use it to pack their clothes, shoes, and other travel essentials and have no issues carrying it throughout the airport (if they’re old enough, of course!) You can even personalize it with their name so that they’ll want to take it everywhere they go.

Kids Travel Pillow

Let’s be honest. Kids are bound to get cranky at some point during the traveling experience. That’s where a kids travel pillow comes in. It can give them something comfortable to rest on and maybe even get them to fall asleep on the car, plane, or train ride to your final destination. Get them a kids travel pillow and their favorite color and they’ll be snoozing in no time.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

One of the keys to having fun with your kids while traveling is to keep them entertained. If they get bored, they’re likely to get cranky and make your life difficult. Treat your son or daughter to a pair of quality wireless bluetooth headphones so they can watch movies, play games, or listen to music in complete comfort.

With these items, you and your child are bound to have a great time on any trip.