After school activities benefit children in many ways. It helps provide them the opportunity to learn how to participate on a team, helps them make friends and gets them exercise. While any activity is great, there are some that they may be able to continue playing well into adulthood. Learning these skills young comes in handy later on and can help them stay fit once they’ve grown.


Whether your child wants to play competitively or just wants to learn a new sport, golf is a great option. Many high schools have teams your kid can join and colleges even offer scholarships for it. Country clubs often give lessons to kids or you can find a golf camp for kids. One of the other main benefits is that it is a very low risk sport, so you don’t have to worry as much about your little one getting injured.


Tennis will not only help keep your child physically fit, but it a great way to have some fun. It can also help him make friends as an adult by joining a tennis club. Many public schools offer lessons, or you can choose to go private. Your little one will first learn how to hold the racquet, proper form for each stroke and how to serve. Once your child learns the right skills, he will be able to participate in matches. Although tennis may seem like an individual sport, your child can actually be a part of team, so he will still learn sportsmanship with others.


Swimming is an important skill to learn to stay safe, but it is also one of the best forms of exercise. It is relatively easy on the joints, so it can be used as a preferred method of working out for life. Joining a swim team is a great way to keep your little one active during the summer. Many teams are not just seasonal though. If you’re looking for something more competitive, try finding one that practices year round. Your kid could even go to the Olympics one day.

If you aren’t sure where to enroll your child, look online for different places. Most cities have all of these available to kids. Read reviews and choose which place is right for your child. You can also ask if any of their friends want to enroll as well. This can make starting a new activity less intimidating and more exciting.