Don’t make the mistake of thinking that going green has to be expensive or inconvenient. Check out these ten awesome solar-powered products!

Putting solar panels on your roof to store the sun’s energy isn’t the only way to harness green power, but it is a great way to get started on your journey to be more eco-friendly. Reduce your need for grid electricity by having solar panels installed at home by a professional company. You can get in contact with ones like Dynamic Solar PV, for example, to see how to go about putting this in motion.

On average, there are at about 50 electronics and appliances that you use on a daily basis that continuously soak up electricity even when you aren’t using them.

You can combat this dilemma by switching some of those items to solar power. 

Here are the top ten solar-powered products you should consider to go green.

1.  Solar Wireless Keyboard

Take away some of the enormous power used to run your computer with this solar-powered device. 

This handy solar keyboard charges under natural or artificial lighting. You can take it with you as a convenient tablet keyboard. And it keeps power for up to 3 months without needing to be charged again. 

You would think that the solar technology and long battery life would make it bulky, but it is extremely light and thin at only a third of an inch thick. 

2. Power Bank Solar Charger 

The great part about these solar-powered electronics is that they usually are universal. That means you can charge your iPhone, Android, and any type of tablet. Plus, they have multiple ports to charge several items at once. 

Another advantage of a solar power bank is that you can bring it with you. No need to worry about charging your phone on a camping trip when you have the power of the sun to reassure you. 

Banking the sun’s energy for later use keeps your electrical usage low, so you can even use it when there is a plug nearby.

3. Solar Backpack

Are you always on the go and forget to charge your favorite appliances beforehand? Don’t worry about rushing to charge them when you get to your destination. Instead, charge them on the way.

This backpack has a separate pocket just for your electronics with a large solar panel to catch the rays of the sun. They come in various sizes and watts to charge even large laptops. 

4. Solar Plug 

Solar-powered stuff can replace your traditional outlet with this solar plug.

The plug doesn’t charge itself on solar; rather, when plugged in, it digitally sends a request to your power company to switch to solar energy. You do this by purchasing credits that can be deducted from an app. 

You can take control of your power consumption right from the source with this high-tech gadget. 

5. Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor lights keep your surroundings bright and safe throughout the night, but they take a tremendous amount of energy. Cut your electricity bill with these useful solar-powered gadgets that charge all day and shine all night. 

You can choose from independent solar-charging light bulbs or stick-on units that can be placed anywhere, like along a sidewalk.

Many of these lights also come with motion-sensing capabilities. So they dim when there’s no movement. This saves the charge while keeping the lights on. 

6. Solar Generator

A solar generator is perfect for emergencies or as a reliable source of energy while camping. 

They come in various sizes to suit your needs. You can use it to charge laptops and cell phones or buy one big enough to power RV’s, refrigerators, and water heaters.

Read more about some of the most durable and powerful solar generators at

7. Solar Reading Lamp

Something as simple as a solar lamp can save you from looking for batteries in the middle of the night. Plus, reading lamps like this one give you the perfect amount of light without having to sit under an overwhelmingly bright lamp shade. 

Make your love of reading mobile without worrying about your battery dying during the last chapter of your favorite novel. Solar gadgets are just more reliable. 

8. Solar Flashlight

Another useful tool when you get trapped in the dark is a solar flashlight. Most devices will give you a few hours of charge after just an hour in the sun.

Some flashlights come with a hand-powered crank as well just in case you get lost in the dark on a rainy night. 

9. Solar-Powered Oven

If you are hungry but enjoy saving energy, then use solar-powered appliances for cooking your dinner. 

They are great for BBQ parties that avoid charcoal or fire altogether. That means they also eliminate the need for extra CO2 in the air. 

Some grill enthusiasts might say that these types of ovens don’t produce enough heat. But, they are good for slow cooking, reaching up to 178 degrees Celsius. They also work great for soups and veggies. 

10. Creative Solar Panels

You have seen solar panels installed on roofs over the past decade or so, but there are many more uses that you may have never thought of. 

You can use the panels to heat your pool for an off-season dip. Or you can hook them up directly to your water heater to add energy-saving time for those extra-long showers. 

Attaching a solar panel to any device may take some mechanical skill, but it just shows the versatility and possibility of solar.  

Solar-Powered Products in the Future

We have only witnessed the beginning of solar-powered products. More applications are coming in the near future, from solar-powered roads to cars and paint.

The power of the sun has yet to be utilized as a way to reduce carbon and save loads of cash.  

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