From the massive, rambling cities to the ancient temples along with their delicious foods as well as their gorgeous scenery, Asia is indeed among the most captivating and diverse continents of Earth. With an extensive tourism infrastructure and comparatively cheaper visiting costs, Asia is constantly rising in popularity as a topnotch destination for tourists and travellers from all across the globe.  

The 8 best places for you to visit in Asia:

  • China: This sprawling country has a 3000-year old history and so it enjoys both modern design as well as ancient locations like the Forbidden City complex, Tiananmen Square and the imperial palace. Here, you’ll get to see the Great Wall of China and even stopover at the National Museum of China that presents its great collection of cultural vestiges.
  • Thailand: Thailand is a great place for you to visit in Asia, and among the most-preferred places here is Bangkok. Travelers love to enjoy the diversity of this country since they get to visit the ancient temples as well as modern shopping malls, and the regulars of Patpong and Buddhist monks share the streets here. Here, travelers will be able to find the world’s greatest open-air market, a 150-foot tall golden statue of Buddha, a top-class aquarium contained in an eight-story shopping mall etc. This place is full of huge surprises, so relish its charming incongruity.
  • Taiwan: Taiwan’s has been long-known for its enjoyable night markets and historical lures and it’s certainly a must-visit for anyone traveling to Asia, particularly its capital Taipei. The attractions here that must not be missed out by travelers a visit to the National Palace where artifacts from the Forbidden City can be viewed, a ride to the summit of the advanced Taipei 101 tower and even a break by the Shilin Night Market for delicious Taiwanese street-food.
  • Korea: Balance is represented by the red and blue yin and yang adorned on its flag. South Korea has been known because of its bright culture, stunning architecture, and a flourishing economy. All these are tributes to Korea’s spirit. Even though this country seems to be moving into the future, but the South Koreans stay loyal to their rich legacy. Between the lively nightlife areas and great shopping districts are the vestiges of Seoul’s rich history. The largest and oldest of the five Joseon Dynasty Palaces in Seoul is the Gyeongbok Palace and it stands minutes from downtown. There are the one-story wooden homes in Village which contrast tremendously to the nearby high-rises. Amazingly, the rich past of South Korea does not clash with its present. This pleasant mixture of old and new is the reason of the attraction and a central principle of the site’s individuality.
  • Malaysia: Malaysia is a symbol of modern construction for instance, the Malaysian Twin Towers. Malaysia is popular for tea plantations especially in Cameron Highlands because the temperature is appropriate for tea plantation here. Travelers love to visit Malaysia because of hiking and the finest hiking spot is Mount Kinabalu in the Sabah. The infrastructure and construction reflect the colonization. Diving is another popular activity in Malaysia especially in the Sipidan’s waters. Other attractive sites in Malaysia include caves and beaches.
  • Singapore: Singapore is among the heavenly Asian cultural countries. It is well-maintained with its sanitation all across the world. Among the must-visit locations in Malaysia include the Hawkers center for its delicious food that costs less than $10. Even the bars and restaurants are well-maintained for tourist sites. Singapore is also popular for the tourist attractions like Jurong East, Woodlands, Jurong, Pulau Ujong etc. Woodlands is known for memorials and parks etc. Jurong East is amazing due to its science center, Birds Park and museums etc. The Snow City is a great place for children and Pulau Ujong is a Singapore Island which is famous for its zoos, gardens, night safaris etc. 
  • Philippines: Travelers love to visit Philippines because this country has the most beautiful beaches in Asia as well as a lot of cultural places to visit. Other than any bias, the best thing about the Philippines is the fact that it’s absolutely easy to interact and communicate with the locals here. This is because most Filipinos do understand English and are rather friendly. With the language barriers broken down, travelling becomes a whole lot more fun!  
  • Japan: Japan easily falls under the best places to visit in Asia, especially because of its mega city, Tokyo. Japan is crazy about anime and it constantly buzzes with movement of the cars zooming in the streets, feet rapping down sidewalks, subway trains whirring below the ground and the ships sailing in and out.

Japan is extremely modernized and the tech-savvy locals might just move across the urban parks and monuments daily but their historical site and museums are world-class. This is where people enjoy taking photos, savoring their sushi and enjoying shopping.  If you think you would want to visit Japan anytime soon, you might want to check and learn some Japanese etiquettes first.

Bottom-line: So save up and choose which one of these best places in Asia you’re convinced to visit now!