Many events like Christmas, birthdays and Easter are enjoyable hence their charm even increase more with the gifts and love. Nobody hates presents and surprises and the true fact is surprising increase love and space for more connection with other people.

Thus when it is a matter of buying a present for a teenager, then the real challenge begins. As today even teenagers think like adults but still the gift selection becomes a headache for all of us. Mostly, teenage girls prefer makeup, jewelry, and styling tools while teenage boys want tablets, laptop and best tools for their school.

But here are some examples of a good idea of 5 gifts for teenagers irrespective of their gender.

Bluetooth speakers

Teens love music with loud sound because it makes them happy and feels satisfied while enjoying their adolescent life. For this reason, the Bluetooth speakers are way too good as they are portable plus handy which make them safe from any damage.

Some companies also offer waterproof one, while some come with USB and AUX cable to transfer songs from phones and laptops. These mini speakers are very powerful as their battery last long whereas the sound effects are also appreciable. 

So, Bluetooth speakers would be a good choice for gifting a teenage girl or boy as it would help them listening to the best music for the party and hangouts.


The camera is the most common thing today as smartphone camera to take its place, but a small handy camera is another very good option. These cameras offer best megapixels with quality image, it would help teenagers to capture the best moments of their life.

While a drone camera would be more surprising, as the kid can control the drone movement with the remote while capturing pictures and videos. It would create a fun activity for the kids thus making them feel more special.

Good school bag

The other most important thing to consider for gifts is a good school bag in bright color. Or one can also buy trolley bags for teens, as these bags are very supportive of school. Other than this, kids can also use as a travelling bag while enjoying their trip at its most. 

Selfie stick 

Our list also includes selfie stick as this is a tool that assists a lot for group selfies and capturing memorable moments in just one picture. The selfies stick has a strong grip while holding the phone properly for the best picture. 


A smartwatch designed for children is present with camera and video call facilities. Then again the GPRS system aids a lot in locating the kid’s location for the parents at home. It can also send instant texts and missed calls in case of emergency aka SOS texts, while these watches also offer best battery time with longer running power. 

Some are waterproof while some are also designed to save the environment also known as Eco-friendly. Similarly, videos games make these watches even more interesting for teenagers so they love to carry them.