Whether you are visiting at the beginning of the summer season or towards the end, there is no denying that there are a large number of people visiting the park every year which can lead to large queues all year round. But what if this could be avoided? In this so before you begin to fill out your replace E111 form and hop on the train to Disneyland Paris, allow us to give you our guide to making the most of your day at Disney.  

Be An Early Bird 

One key element to getting the most from your Disneyland experience is to get up early and be one of the first in the park. This gives you a few hours of reduced queues before visitors from all over the world begin to pile into the park. If you are one of the first in the park, it is also the perfect opportunity for a photograph without anyone in the background, making it perfect for the kids. 

Use The App To Order Food Ahead Of Time 

If you are going to be eating at the park, you can beat the queues by either making reservations or using the app to order ahead of time. This is great for families as you can have the food you want without having to stand in any queues. This allows you to save time and ride more rides throughout the course of your trip. If you make reservations in one of the main restaurants, you can then meet some of the main Disney characters and even enjoy dinner with them, adding to the overall magic of your family trip to the park.  

Opt For Fast Pass Before Hand

If you are looking to go on a number of rides throughout your time in the park, it may be beneficial to spend the money on a fast pass. This not only helps to drastically reduce waiting times, but it will also give you time to spare to walk between some of the lands. In addition to this, you will also save time to explore additional parks and fit more into your day. This is great if you have younger children that become fidgety as you avoid the long queue times, particularly in the summer. 

Avoid Mainstreet During The Fireworks 

If you are looking to get from one place to another, it is crucial to avoid Mainstreet USA during the fireworks as hundreds of people line the streets to watch. If you can avoid this until after the fireworks are over, you are then more likely to have free movement during your final hours at the park. The best time to visit Mainstreet is when the park opens as you will be one of the first to walk the cobbled streets and visit some of the very best stores that Disney has to offer. 

Regardless of how many times you have been to the happiest place on earth, there are always large waiting times and queues for food lines, however, these few tips can help you to have the best day possible and reduce your waiting time as much as you can. Which of these will you be trying on your next visit?