I drink a lot of tea, and I especially enjoy tea that has health benefits.  As a busy parent, I am always on the go, so it is nice to have some teas I can take with me, whether it is work, sports practice, or whatever else we may be doing.

Tipson Teas has a line of teas focused on health and wellness.  I recently tried a few of their products, which have been a great addition to my daily routine.  Since I love tea as it is, it is nice to have a variety of organic herbal teas that can boost my health.

We are a Super-food focused brand, providing high quality wellness brews, developed using the finest ingredients. All products contain carefully sourced, organic herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. Our ingredient combinations for each product was skillfully designed and developed by Food Technology professionals, to reap the maximum health benefits of the active components of each ingredient that compliments each other. Inspired by Ceylon Ayurvedic and age old medical practices, we focus on locally sourced, fresh, organic ingredients, with minimal process. (http://tipsonteausa.com)

I was excited to try some of their matcha, turmeric, and moringa teas – all of which are some really great things to add to my health routine!

Moringa has lots of benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  I have been enjoying the Moringa & Ginger and Moringa & Turmeric, and I like the combinations that Tipson used in these teas.

For many years, I have included matcha tea in my diet for a variety of benefits, especially in the morning or midday when I need a little boost of energy.  The Matcha Blueberry and Matcha Honey & Lemon both have a great taste, and are unique flavors compared to the plain matcha I usually drink, so it makes my tea routine a little more interesting.

I try to incorporate turmeric into my diet when I can, but who am I kidding.  Some days I barely make it home between 8am and 8pm, but I do have time to pop a couple tea bags into my purse so I can drink tea at work, or I fill a travel mug so I can take it with me to whatever commitments we have (from sports practice to music lessons).  The Turmeric Ginger & Cinnamon and the Turmeric Peppermint & Clove are both good for helping with digestion and other benefits, which is useful for someone like me who is always on the go.

Not only do these teas incorporate lots of great ingredients that offer a variety of health benefits, but the teas are 100% USDA certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free.  Another thing I like about Tipson is that they have teas that are energizing (like moringa and matcha), and those that are not caffeinated (for example, Turmeric Chamomile), so I can enjoy the teas any time of day.

Tipson has so many wonderful teas to choose from, plus it is an easy way to boost your health and energy!

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Visit Tipson Tea at http://tipsonteausa.com/