Your electricity is a crucial component of your Houston home. It allows you to keep your home comfortable, cook, watch television and so much more. Even though it is so important for your day to day life, it can also be a hazard to young children. Fortunately, proper precautions can keep your children safe. Here are a few tips on how to protect your children from an electrical injury.

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Have Safety Devices Installed

Safety devices are designed to prevent electrical-related accidents. Devices such as fuses, ground fault circuit interrupters, and tamper-proof receptacles can all be beneficial. Rather than installing them yourself, it’s recommended that these devices are installed professionally. An electrical service Houston can make sure they are placed properly.

Cover Unused Outlets

Young children are naturally curious. They may see an open electrical outlet and want to investigate. Use plastic plugs to cover unused outlets and prevent your children from sticking their fingers or other objects (such as a toy or stick) into them.

Don’t Overstuff Outlets

It is also important to avoid overstuffing outlets. Many people use power strips or surge protectors as a way to plug in more cords in one outlet. The more cords in one area, the more tempting they might become to curious eyes. Your child may be tempted to pull cords out of the sockets, which can increase their risk for injuries.

Try to plug electrical devices in different areas of the house where your children don’t play. If a power strip is necessary, make sure that you keep it where it cannot be accessed.

Avoid Appliances Near Heat and Water

Water and electricity do not mix. Nor do electrical cords and heat such as the stove. While this is common knowledge for adults, children may not be as aware. Keep electrical devices away from sinks, vases, water bowls, stoves, fireplaces, and other water or sources of heat to prevent accidents.

Replace Frayed Wires

Young children explore the world around them by putting things in their mouths. Frayed or broken cords leave exposed copper wires. If your child puts the cord in their mouth or even touches it, they could receive a dangerous shock. Pay close attention to your cords and replace them as soon as you notice any fraying.

Taking the necessary precautions to prevent electrical injuries can help you make your home safer for every member of your family, from young children to adults.