Summer is a magical time for children. School’s out, the weather is warm, and bedtimes go out the window. The problem is, when kids take this break from learning, they not only miss out on new skills and information but lose some of what they learned the previous year. However, that doesn’t mean that you should make your little ones complete workbooks their entire break. This will only repel them from education. Instead, here are six sneaky ways to keep your kids learning.

Host Family Game Nights

Games nights are a great way to get the entire family together to do something fun. But, they can be educational too. By picking games that involve strategy, counting, reading, and writing, you will keep your kids’ brains engaged. Wacky Kids Games, Jenga, Monopoly, and Scrabble Jr. are all great options, as they are multiplayer and require you to think. You could even have your kids make their own games. 

Use Those Art Supplies

Most households have a box of art supplies hidden in a closet somewhere. Rather than leave these supplies to gather dust, you should give them to your children. Encourage your kids to use their creativity to turn paper, glue, glitter, paint, and more into a masterpiece. If they’re low on inspiration, then given them a project, like drawing their favorite cartoon character or superhero.

Take A Field Trip

Spending the entire summer indoors isn’t healthy for young minds. This is why you should take a field trip. There are many educational places that you could visit, from museums to animal parks. You could even pick up theatre tickets for the entire family. Make these experiences more enriching for your little ones by setting tasks to do while they’re there, like a scavenger hunt. 

Grow A Vegetable Garden

Learning can happen anywhere, even your own backyard. By planting and harvesting a vegetable garden, you will boost your kids’ science and math skills. This also provides an opportunity for you to teach them about nutrition and healthy eating. You can pick the seeds together and look up how the plants should be cared for. Then, when the time comes, you can cook a family meal. 

Visit The Local Library or Book Store

Anyone who says that they don’t like reading simply hasn’t found the right book yet. Not only is reading a relaxing and enjoyable hobby but it is also an important life skill. If you haven’t many books in the house, then take your little ones to the local library. There, they will have access many sources of literature, including comic books and magazines. Bookstores are also a great place to shop.

You can also look for the best place to buy comics online if you don’t have enough time to visit your local library. There, you can find countless titles, from classic comics to BIOWARS comic books.

Be sure to check for summer reading programs, which often give book rewards or other incentives to read.

Write About Adventures

Free-form writing can help a child to develop their thought processes, build vocabulary, and articulate how they feel. For this reason, you should give your little ones a diary each to write in. With this, they can document their adventures over the summer, including the places they went, people they met, and new things that they learned. This will also be a lovely keepsake for them. 

Keep your kids’ education on track by ensuring that their summer is full of learning, as well as fun.