Whether your Honda XR100 is a vintage model or a newer machine, your ultimate goal is keeping it in the best condition possible. You need the right parts to accomplish this objective, but you also want to have a little fun when you’re equipping your XR100. You have a wide range of parts, accessories, tires and more from which to choose. As you shop for these items and motorcycle riding gear on sale, this helpful guide can be a useful resource.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you’re looking for Honda XR100 aftermarket parts and accessories, keep in mind that you’ll probably shop for both OEM and aftermarket parts. Original manufacturer equipment parts are the ones installed on your bike at the factory, while aftermarket motorcycle parts are made by third-party manufacturers. Neither is inherently superior in quality, but they serve different purposes on your XR100. OEM is ideal for engine, electrical system, gaskets, fairings and most body components. Aftermarket parts excel when it comes to suspension, brakes, tires, windshields, sprockets and control components like handlebars and levers.

A Few Words About Mods

Every rider has unique goals for upgrades and modifications. Maintaining your XR100 in excellent condition is the priority, but you also want to have a little fun when tweaking the bike. Achieving faster speed is a common objective, so you’ll need specifically targeted upgrades to make that a reality.

Before you focus on boosting speed, you must ensure that your bike is structurally sound. A frame cradle can help accomplish this by strengthening the frame, reducing the chances that it will stretch and break. BBR Motorsports Aluminum’s Frame Cradles are a great choice, forged with durable TIG-welded 6061 aluminum. Your XR100’s suspension must be able to handle the higher speeds, so it’s a good idea to swap out the OEM fork springs. BBR Motorsports offers its Heavy Duty Fork Springs, a high-quality aftermarket replacement for the factory springs on your bike. Custom-wound from aircraft-quality spring steel, these springs are up to 30% stiffer than stock springs.

After these key upgrades, you have some options for increasing your XR100’s speed. Air intake is a typical target for aftermarket modifications, and one way to boost that is with a high-flow air filter. K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filters are constructed with pleated surfaces for a larger filtration area, while their high-flow cotton allows up to 50% more airflow than paper filters. As an added benefit, they’re also stock replacements for air filters on many types of bikes.

Don’t Forget To Suit Up

When you’re searching for “Honda motorcycle parts near me,” don’t forget about your riding gear. You’ll need helmets, jerseys, goggles, footwear and other important components before you hit the trail. The HJC i50 Helmet is comfortable and lightweight, crafted from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell and with an aerodynamic rear spoiler that adds stability and reduces turbulence during your ride. For these and other aftermarket essentials, shop at a trusted powersports parts supplier. You’ll get the quality and value you need to make your dream upgrades a reality.