Travelling has a way of transforming life! When you explore destinations you’ve never traveled before, you develop a new way of looking into the tourist attractions. Every country and city has a distinct essence and ethos. Travel helps you explore all.  Do you have your travel list ready? Or are do you have room for a few extra suggestions. If yes, you can add on the following names and explore them at your ease.

  • Dominica

No other Caribbean island can approximate the beauty of Dominica! You will get to sense it the moment you fly along the mountain peaks to the only airport on the island. You will land in a jungle that seems to be present out of nowhere. The air is fresh and smells akin to a spa because of the gum tree fragrance. However, you might have to withstand the Caribbean humidity. But the fresh air and the scenic locales with soothe your muscles as you explore it during the vacation. A hike is a great idea!

  • North Canada 

Do you like to explore a magical natural world and experience wilderness? If yes, you can count on North Canada and add it to your travel bucket list. If you can withstand cold climate, this destination is perfect for you. Here you can explore Northwest Territories along with the Yukon Territory and Nunavut. You can go hiking and camping on the icy seascape and gigantic peaks. Do you want to catch a glimpse of the polar bear? Head to Nunavut without any seconds thought. To add more excitement to your vacation, ride the classic hot-air balloon, and enjoy the aerial view of the landscape. North Canada also welcomes you with its vibrant social scene and popular eateries.

  • Taiwan 

Taiwan initially might seem like a tightly packed urban space for most travelers. It can give you an overwhelming experience with its traffic, high-rise buildings, and neon lights. But there’s more to this place than just the metropolis vibe. Once you slow down, you can discover the city better. You have museums such as the Taiwan National Museum and National Place Museum. Here you can take all your time to browse through interesting Chinese art. Be there at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall which honors the city’s first president.

  • Ukraine 

Today, Ukraine is home to about 50 million people and located at a distance of 1,700 miles from the Black Sea coastline. If you love mountains, you can explore the gigantic peaks of Carpathian and Crimean. With its scenic beauty and other tourist attractions, Ukraine today gets counted as a prominent global destination. Presently, the country is witnessing a cultural renaissance. It is a hub of the best food, architecture, and art that you can ask for. If you love to explore historical architecture, you can check out the Armenian and Catholic churches. The Baroque monasteries and ancient mosques also reveal interesting stories about the country’s past. 

There are several other exotic travel destinations that you can add to your list! You can add all the four mentioned above or the ones that tweak your interest and explore it this year.