Kids hate doing their homework, and they don’t mind showing it. Homework time is always hectic. You need to get the chores done and at the same time, get your child to do their homework. The former is always easier than the latter, but the latter is more important. 

Homework time doesn’t always have to be chaotic. There are easy and effective ways to get your kids to do their homework without your supervision. 

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Here are tested and proven tips to encourage your kids to do their homework according to experts at MyHomeworkDone.

  • Set A Regular Schedule

Having a routine helps with organization. Most people live their lives on rigid routines. For instance, kids go to school in the morning and leave in the evening. They have a clear understanding of school time and playtime. They should also know when it is homework time. 

The best time for your kids to get their homework is right after leaving school. At this time, their minds are still in studying mode, so there will be less resistance to studying some more. It is also the most convenient time for parents as they are just settling down after work and preparing to get the chores done. However, any set time is okay as long as it is convenient for both of you, especially for the kids. 

If you don’t have a fixed schedule for the homework, it will be seen as a message that it doesn’t really matter if your kids do their homework or not.  

  • Designate Studying Space

Where do your kids do their homework? It shouldn’t be where they throw their bag first after walking through the door. It shouldn’t be on their beds either. It should be in a study-friendly space. 

You should designate a specific place where your kids can study and do their homework. It should be somewhere quiet and with minimal interference. It should also be somewhere comfortable where they can focus on getting their work done. If possible, it should also be somewhere within your scope of view so that you can keep an eye on them. 

  • Encourage And Allow Homework Buddies

Kids love company. They tend to do what their friends are doing. Their minds tend to drift on when they are alone or with ‘boring adults.’ Doing homework would certainly be easier if they had friends to encourage them. That is why the idea of homework buddies works all the time. 

The ideal homework buddy for your kid should be a classmate who is also a good friend. They take the same classes, thus, sharing the same homework. Your kids will certainly be more willing to do their homework if they are with their friends. That’s not all; they will also concentrate and learn better by interacting with their friends and helping out where necessary. 

If you decide to get your kid a homework buddy, you will need to consult and notify the other kid’s parents as well. Both families will need to work on homework schedules and decide on the study places. 

  • Offer Help When Needed 

Your kids will often run into obstacles when doing their homework. They may not know answers to certain questions, and this can derail and discourage them from finishing their homework. You shouldn’t let this happen. At home, you are the teacher. You know everything, so offer a helping hand when needed. 

Always encourage your kids to ask for help when they need it. When they do, you should be on your toes to offer it; do some covert research if you don’t have the answers either. However, you need to be smart about how you help; do not make it easy for your kids, so do it in a manner that they will learn and remember. 

You should also consider leveraging the power of technology. For instance, there are numerous apps designed to make studying more accessible, and kids love them. 

  • Reward Good Work And Punish Failure 

Good behavior is rewarded, and bad behavior is punished. Kids are rewarded at school if they excel; there is no reason why they shouldn’t be rewarded at home. First, you will need to encourage your kids to start doing their homework by practicing the aforementioned tips. When your kids get on board, you need to show your appreciation by rewarding them accordingly. 

There are many ways to reward your kids. You can treat them to their favorite snacks, allow more TV time, or give access to smartphones and other devices that they love playing with. Your choice of reward should be based on your kid’s character and preferences. 

Failure should also be punished to discourage the kids from procrastinating on their homework. For instance, you can limit TV time and task them with more chores. 

Homework is a great way to assess kids and help them study a little more. That is why it is important that your kids do their homework every day. These tips will make homework time productive and peaceful.