It’s normal for moms to have shoulder pain, but that doesn’t mean we should just let this body part ache all day. With all of the heavy lifting due to toting kids and bags around, it’s no wonder that shoulder aches and pains happen. Thankfully we found some 6 great ways for moms to reduce shoulder pain, so that you can enjoy each day without pain. 

Swapping out Bras

Your bra could be causing some of your shoulder pain by not fitting you correctly, being the wrong size or if you have bra straps that are too narrow. If you often have shoulder pain, then you will want to search for a bra that offers shoulder support while also lessening the load that weighs on your shoulders. 

Also, make sure that you know the right size for you. This will give you the best support while also helping to reduce shoulder and back pain from ill fitting bras. 


Sometimes when you have shoulder pain, one of the best ways to treat it is with a cold ice pack or a heating pad over the muscles. When you put ice or something really cold on muscles, this helps to naturally reduce inflammation, by decreasing the blood flow. 

Adding heat to aching muscles works by promoting more blood flow to the area which helps your muscles relax some. The act of alternating the two different temperature extremes works to help muscles that have been overworked or even slightly sprained. 


The art of massaging is to put pressure on muscles that are aching and help loosen them up to a less tense and more relaxed state. If you have been overly stressed lately, then your shoulders, neck, and upper back may be aching due to the clenched muscles that happen when stress comes. 

When massaged, muscles are given tension that helps release them from that clenched state. A massage is also just a great way to tell your mind to relax a little too, this will help alleviate any stress that is still lingering. 


Doing daily stretches in the morning and evenings is a great way to help wake up and relax your muscles. Try to make it a new habit to start your day a little slower. Instead of jumping into tasks, wake up earlier to fit in a little bit of stretching. This will wake up your muscles and get them ready for a busy day of lifting and moving. 

At night, before bed, take a few minutes to stretch out the day. Use this new nightly routine to help you loosen up any stuff joints and also mentally shake off your mind so that when you lay down, nothing stressful comes to bed with you. 

Medicine and Topical Ointments

Sometimes natural remedies just won’t help with the pain. Opting to use an over the counter pain or inflammation reducer is what you will need to help ease any soreness or pain that is preventing you from finishing out the day. 

You could also opt to use topical ointments such as Icy/Hot to help with relaxing your muscles. Pair this topical ointment with a mini massage from a friend or spouse if you can, to help with getting the tension levels down in your muscles. 


After a long day, the best medicine for your aching shoulders is rest. Try to get in a detoxing nighttime stretch or other stress lessening routine so that when you lay down for bed, you can get a good night’s sleep. 


During the night, your body will have the time it needs to relax those muscles and begin to repair them while you are sleeping. This helps you wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.