Sending the child to an IB curriculum school can be your dream or a decision inspired by several factors, such as exposure to a multilingual and multicultural environment, personality development, talent discovery, confidence, and better employment prospects. All parents want to give their children the best learning experiences so that they can lead a happy and successful life. You may also wish the same for your little one, and that’s why you took this decision to get him or her admitted to an international school. Like other schools, IBs also follow a thorough admission procedure, clearing which is critical for your kid’s admission. 

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Here is a brief look at the steps that you may have to follow to complete this process.

Steps in the admission procedure

Online form submission

First, you need to visit the website of the chosen international schools to download their application forms. The form may require you to fill in several details, including contact information, academic background of your child, etc. You have to fill the form and submit it online. Some schools may charge a nominal application fee. The amount can be non-refundable.

Questionnaire round 

After form submission, you can receive a set of questions to share it with your kid’s teacher for more knowledge about his or her personality, interests, etc. It can also be an online process. However, you may not be supposed to check the questions.


All the applicants have to appear for assessment regardless of their grade. For class 1 to class 8 students, schools can take written and online tests to check their mathematical and language skills as per the grade. There can also be an interview round with the teacher in English or the second language in which the school specializes.

In case you are looking for preschool admissions, you may have to send your kid to the school for a test of his or her motor, social, and speech skills. There can be an assessment of his or her concentration level also as per the age group.

Interview with the parents

 Once those steps complete, the parents have to visit the campus for an interview with the admission team to make sure there is no mismatch in expectations. The sharpness and attitude of the parents also play a critical part in this entire procedure. Schools may hesitate to choose a kid whose parents have the attitude or behavioral issues or don’t look enough motivated concerning their children’s learning process. 

As soon as all the formalities complete and you have shared all the necessary documents as asked by the school authorities, you may have to wait for the review process to begin. The admission team checks all the records and the assessment results before sounding out its decision. The parents generally receive an email confirmation about their kids’ selection.

So, when you apply for your kid’s admission, these are some of the common scenarios that you may come across. Since every step is critical in this process, you have to be thorough in your approach. Some international schools also provide financial aid for students who cannot afford education fees. But it can have some parameters on which candidate’s eligibility depends.