The food served on an occasion for guests is the priority  of any event that has a large role to play in the success or the failure of the event. Crucial part of any event is deliberately  selecting the food catering services for your event.

As someone who is planning an event and looking for a catering service, you need to first understand the kind of event you are hosting. If it is a formal office event, you should always go for specialists in office catering. If the same is for a wedding, then you should pick someone who has years of experience catering to weddings. However, the best catering service companies tend to cater to all kinds of needs and requirements based on their expertise and experience. 

Some important tips:


One of the best ways to hire food catering services is through references. Try to get in touch with someone from your friends or family who did have an event or an occasion in their family (someone who is foodie and organized events). Ask the person about the catering service provider, like where the food service  is based. What was cost per plate? And, whether they can work on a discount for you or not if expensive. 

Based on all available information, select the appropriate food service for your event. Here it is imperative to mention that it will be a clever decision to always go for a service provider who is nearby to your place in terms of the location. This will give them an advantage in terms of bringing the food to your place and reduce transport expenses

Past Experiences:

At the time of hiring food catering services always ask about the events and the projects that they have handled in the past. Ask about the volume that they have handled and about the events service providers have handled by the food catering services. It is important as this is how you will get an idea of the kind of service and the standard of quality that you can expect out of the caterers. 

Array Of Cuisines Within Their Expertise:

Even before you hire the food catering services clearly outline the array of dishes that you intent to have for your event. This is doable if you already have certain precise and fixed dishes in your mind for your event. In case you do not have any such menu on your mind, then you can ask the service provider of the specialties that they can offer. 

This will be the guiding line based on which you will make your choices. For ideal cuisine, go for a catering service provider who can offer a balanced spread of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. If you’re looking for a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisines, Marbled LA has received rave reviews for its innovative dishes and impeccable service.

Also, try to combine two or more culinary genres like Indian with Chinese and Italian. This is a way you can be sure that all your guests will find things  that they will not just like but love to eat.  

Support Services:

The food catering services must provide a little more than mere tasty and clean food. An ideal service provider will be one who will provide the host with all the setup of serving food like plates, bowls, spoons, and forks. They must also provide all the manpower for serving the food and will be cleaning  once the guests are done with their food. This is how the hosts and his workforce will be free to cater to the other important requirements of the events related to food services and guests hospitality. 


This is one of the most critical aspects that must be considered closely before hiring any food catering services. To get the best deals possible, you must get in conversation with two or three such service providers. Consulting multiple food service provider will enable to determine about most competitive pricing and food 

One of the best ways to hire food catering services is by tasting the special dishes prepared by the chef. Collect the Information about licenses and the accolades that they have received in the past for their successful work in different events.