Chest tightness is a symptom of many different conditions and not all them are simple enough for the average person to understand. It’s a scary thing to have to go through and even though what you’re feeling might not be serious, at the time of the pain it does feel life-threatening. This is quite clearly because of the location of the pain. Any pain that’s effectively, inside your chest sends alarm bells ringing. It’s normal and sensible to be alert and afraid by this. However, if you can get to know different kinds of conditions and watch out for their subtle symptoms, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing how to treat them. Some of them are common and some of them are circumstantial, but this is the kind of learning that could save your life one day.

Acid reflux

An acid reflux is easy to understand but the pain it can cause is incredibly sharp. An acid reflux can happen when you are engaging in rigorous physical activity such as running or swimming. It’s wise not to drink or eat anything before working out or at the very least, keeping it to a minimum. You stomach may want to empty its contents during a workout because your body needs to stop using energy to digest and pump energy to your muscles instead. When this occurs the corrosive acid from your stomach can end up going down the wrong pipe. If the windpipe takes in any of this strong acid, it can feel like your lungs are on fire. This causes intense pain which you have to ride out. Get plenty of cool fresh air, lie down and drink water when your stomach has settled down. 

Seat belt lacerations

Car accidents are a very common cause of chest pain. The seatbelts that we wear do protect us a great deal, but depending on the accident they can inadvertently hurt us as well. Seatbelt lacerations are a common cause of severe bruising and sometimes even cracked sternums. If you were ever involved in such an incident, firstly you need to contact a personal injury attorney. The only way you can properly heal from any kind of fracture is with medical help. The compensation you win will allow you to be able to afford the healthcare costs. Heart palpitations and possible an irregular pulse can also be unfortunate by products from sudden chest compression trauma. Speak to your doctor or go to the hospital if you have these symptoms.

It’s just gas

A sudden pushing or one-sided pressure building up in your chest can be confused for cardiac arrest. However it could just be gas and most of the time it is. Our bodies are a hive or activity and some of them produce internal gases which travel around the body from time to time. A controlled but firm palm thump on the side of the ribcage can help to alleviate the pain. Stretching your upper body can also help in the same way.

Chest pain is usually taken very seriously even when it’s not life-threatening. If you feel something like this, then check that you’re not showing signs of simple causes.