I know how much of a hassle it has to deal as a stay-at-home mom. Not only do you have to worry about the kids, but the rest of the chores around the house as well! And I’m sure that of all the different chores you need to do, cleaning the carpet is the most dreaded one. 

From commit to juice spills, muddy footsteps to toys, you’ll find inevitable stains on your home carpet. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to clean, especially when you’ve got more things to focus on at home. 

So what are some carpet cleaning tips busy mom must know for a stain-free carpet without the hassle? Read on as I show you five helpful tips!

Five Carpet Cleaning Tips Busy Mom Must Know

Are you stuck on how to clean your carpet when you’re focused on the kids? Here are some helpful tips to try out:

  • When Do You Need to Clean It?

While some moms think you need to clean your carpet weekly, that’s not the case! You only need to clean it once every six months, ensuring that you deep clean it to get all the grime and stains out. Not only does it clean out stains, but deep cleaning also keeps all grime and hidden dirt out of the carpet, which can cause allergies and a worn-out looking carpet. 

You can deep clean carpets naturally with a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon white vinegar, a tablespoon of dish soap, and one quart of warm water. Use any brush, towel, or rag to scrub stains and the rest of the carpet. Afterward, allow it to air dry and vacuum the entire area (I’ll get into this in the next section).

  • What To Do With Spills

I know how irritating stains are, which calls for more frequent cleaning. And if there’s one thing you should not do when cleaning spills and stains, it’s to RUB it around. Do not rub any spills and stains, which can soak and spread the stain around, and even wear out the carpet fibers more. 

Instead of rubbing it, I recommend you to blot the affected area with a cotton or paper towel. You can use plain water, or mix it with a bit of dishwashing soap. Sprinkle it with baking soda and allow it to sit as you clean the stain. 

  • Pay Attention to High-Traffic Areas

You can actually lessen the work you need to do if you pay attention to specific areas over the rest. Instead of having to do the entire carpet every few weeks, inspect the ones that are high-traffic and where people are usually on. It’s best to focus and monitor these areas more to clean stains immediately and prevent it from wearing out easily. 

With the other areas that aren’t as visited or used as others, you can inspect them monthly and deep clean it with the rest of your carpet every six months.

  • Preventing Accidents and Spills Is Better!

Prevention is better than cure, and it’s highly recommended that you prevent spills from happening rather than wait for it to come for immediate cleaning. This allows your carpet to stay clean and smell great before you really do need to clean it. 

You can prevent accidents by teaching your kids to eat on a table or mat rather than the carpeted floor. Also, make it a rule to remove outdoor shoes before stepping on the carpet, or to wipe their feet outside before stepping in. By these simple changes, it can keep your carpet spill-free and away from outside dirt for longer. 

  • Use a Quality Vacuum 

One of the crucial cleaning equipment you need for your carpet (or other surfaces and furniture) is your vacuum. It’s especially recommended for those who deal with pet hair, children, and a lot of dirt from the outside. Do NOT scrimp on your vacuum and invest in a heavy-duty one with carpet attachments to clean everything up easily.

I recommend that you do your research and find a carpet big enough for your carpeted rooms. It should also have good suction and a good size that’s easy to store and manage. Also, vacuum your floors at least once every few weeks if you’ve got a lot of dirt and hair.

Wrapping It Up

Cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be so difficult, even with such a busy schedule. With the right methods, you can get everything done without exhausting yourself. And if push comes to shove, companies like Carpestology Brisbane are there to help you out at affordable prices!

I hope this article on the five carpet cleaning tips busy mom must know helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these tips now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on cleaning carpets, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.