Summer is full of hot days and fun experiences, but as winter ends, wardrobes begin to change. Long sleeves are too hot and beanies aren’t always the first choice. Sandalia dorado have become a very popular shoe style, especially as the days get warmer, and are known as some of the best summer footwear. Here are three reasons why you should consider swapping out your tennis shoes, flip flops, or other types of shoes for sandals.

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1. Stay Cool

One of the biggest challenges of outside weather is the heat. The longer you stay outside, the more you’ll begin to feel that warm sun on your skin. Shoes can become really hot, especially with an added layer of socks, but with a pair of sandals, you can remove extra coverage and let your feet breathe. This can be nice for outside play, and many designs are waterproof in case you want to cool off. Sandals can be easily removed as well, giving you more opportunities to take a dip in the pool without taking much time.

2. Feel Good

This style of footwear is also known to be very comfortable. They fit snug on your feet while giving you extra padding. Sandals are often preferred over heels or boots, especially when days are really hot. Pali Hawaiian shoes are known to be extremely comfortable and useful. Whether you are spending time in the water or need something to carry you throughout the summer day, these might be the best option for your feet. Your arches will thank you after a long day.

3. Match Summer Fashion

No matter what design or style, sandals always seem to be in fashion during this warm season. The combination of skin and cloth (or leather) looks very attractive on the feet for both men and women. Sandals can go with many clothing styles, including fancier outfits. With extra skin showing, it might be a good idea to spray some sunscreen over your feet in order to prevent some crazy tan lines.

Sandals are great for so many reasons, and they can easily become a wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe. There are so many different designs out there that can change things up while keeping your feet cool and comfortable. If you’re planning on being active this summer, there are some sandals that work great for hiking, too. Find the styles that are most comfortable for you and start rocking the summer look.