Buying gifts for men can be sodifficult, that it results in rotating the same gift options of socks, a mug and slippers every single birthday and Christmas out of ease. It may be the case that he presented you with such a special gift recently and you’re hoping it to top it with yours. If you’re hoping to give him an extra special gift this year, then you may be on the lookout for some cool and quirky ideas he just won’t expect.

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In this guide, we’re going to give you some helpful suggestions on some of the best gifts to give the man in your life on their next special occasion:

  • Wireless ear buds

If your man has a long commute to work or spends his evenings at the gym, then a pair of wireless earbudswould be a great shout to keep him entertained on the move. This style of earphone is completely wireless, and most setsare able to take control of calls too, without them having to access their smartphone. 

  • Cashmere sweater

If your man is keen on fashion or prefers to be gifted clothing items by you to stay on trend, then a mens cashmere cardigan would be a smart choice. The luxuriously soft construction is extremely durable and should last for years to come, so they’re well worth the money. Cashmere sweaters are not just fashionable but are also ideal for lounging around the house due to their snug and cozy feel.

  • Beard grooming kit

If your partner has a beard to be proud of, then a beard grooming kit will make a great gift idea. These sets typically come with a brush, oil, comb, scissors, and balm to achieve some serious ‘beard goals’ (providing they follow the right tips, of course). If your other half doesn’t even have a beard, this kit could possibly encourage him to grow one? We’ll leave that to you.

  • A versatile watch

If your partner has a very expensive watch that they can’t bear to wear on everyday occasions, when why not invest in a much more affordable option that they can wear without worry? There are so many places to get stylish watches for low prices, but your best bet would be to take a browse on Amazon at the different colors and styles.

  • Coffee subscription

Coffee lovers will delight at the idea that they have been gifted a weekly or monthly subscription for coffee! Okay, so you can just buy a jar or sachets from the shop, but what makes a subscription a great gift idea? Firstly; the excitement of receiving surprise mail through the post and secondly; many companies will send limited edition and specialist coffees to you that you simply can’t find in the store. Sachets samples can be sent to your door beforehand, so you can try before you buy.

  • A tent

If your partner is a fan of the outdoors, then what better way spread his delight and get the family involved than buying a family-sized tent? Camping trips are a great way of spending some quality time together away from the craziness of everyday life in which you can create some lifelong memories. Surprise him by getting the ball rolling and purchase a tent to accommodate you and the kids for your first ever camping experience.