The style of working in the commercial kitchen has drastically changed. Use of advanced tools, air-conditioned kitchens, and technology that enables chefs to find out what their customers have ordered without a need to talk to anyone describe this scenario aptly. However, amidst the sea of changes, what remains to be the same is the use of uniform. All the high-end, as well as small kitchens, have a particular dress for the staff. You may wonder why? Costumes are the mark of professionalism and representation of the type of industry where one is working. A uniform consists of different parts, which have also transformed a bit; but its primary function is the same, i.e., chef’s protection.

One of the integral parts of chef wear is the jacket, which has been in trend for many years. The chef jacket is a differentiator between a chef and a cook. People believe that this part of the uniform mainly serves the purpose mentioned above. While it is undeniable, there are many other reasons also which make them an essential piece of the uniform.

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It’s a protective layer

The jackets, made of thick, high-quality fire-resistant materials,  act as a safety coat for chefs. Large kitchens where several people work at the same time are fraught with dangers. The activities inside its four walls are so fast-paced and hurried that even a single mistake can lead to accidents, such as coming into contact with flame or bumping into each other, etc. Although it cannot protect them completely, it can still save them from injuries that can occur due to fire or steam by being a protective layer between their skin and those elements. Also, it can reduce the impact of the sharp tool on their skin.

It keeps them clean

Spills and splattering are common incidents in places like hotel or restaurant kitchens where everything happens at lightning speed. Double-breasted coats featuring two lines of buttons in the front are the most common ones. If something spills, and the person has to go outside the kitchen, he can interchange the dirty layer with the fresh by unbuttoning it. The thick material takes care of the layer beneath it so that there is no stain or marks. There are single breasted options also. But these are suitable only if you don’t have to do a lot of dirty work.

It shows professionalism

Safety is one of the primary functions of the chef’s coat, which it beautifully performs. Apart from that, it is also a sign of professionalism and seriousness towards the job. Only a few people take their profession seriously. That’s perhaps one reason why everyone does not get this.

In today’s time, chef wear has undergone a lot of changes conforming contemporary tastes and demands. If you run a hotel or restaurant business, you would also want to buy a uniform for your chefs, the real captain of the kitchen. Numerous stores deal in this segment. Choose only a trusted wholesaler who specializes in this field.