Flying on a private jet plane used to be the ultimate status symbol, but now any hard working person can take their family on one if they plan right and prepare adequately.

Your first time on board a private jet will be similar to your first time at a big theme park – fun, exciting and confusing. It is so exciting, however, that most people don’t maximize their first trip the way they should.

They end up missing out on the perks of using a private jet service, though they still have a great time. To make sure your first experience is other-worldly, we have listed some of the most important things to know:

  • Time is always on your side

Unlike a commercial flight, you don’t have to show up five hours early. Even if you’re late for the scheduled flight time, you still won’t be left behind, unless you are flying with other people.

If you are the only one flying, you can call ahead to inform the charter company that you are running late so they can speak to air traffic control to change your take-off slot. However, although unusual, your flight could be delayed even on a private jet, but you will still have a great time while waiting.

  • Rules are always important

Contrary to popular opinion, you still go through the same security checks when flying on a private jet, but the difference is that the queues are shorter. You might be the only person going through customs for example. It is therefore essential you bring the most important thing you need for the flight: identification.

No matter how important you are, local and global travel regulations still apply, and you need a form of identification. A driver’s license is sufficient for domestic flights, while an international passport is necessary when going overseas. Also remember to have the right Visa for the country you are travelling to!

  • You can get a lot of work done

Do you have deadlines to meet before you touch down? No problem! On an executive jet plane, you can choose the seat configuration you want to ensure you have space to work and access to a satellite phone.

A survey by the National Business Aviation Association found that some flyers get more done on a company jet than when at the office. You can also use your mobile phone, unless when flying over the ocean. If you are in full vacation mode, however, you can party all the way to your destination.

  • There are still baggage restrictions

Sadly, this is one rule that can never be broken. Planes have a maximum take-off weight, so they will leave your excess luggage behind. Only carry on board what the charter service permits you for, with the approved dimensions.

However, when it comes to what you can put in your suitcase, regulations are less strict. You can pack liquids and fencing attire for example, without fear of seizure. You can also bring your pet along, provided the arrival destination and private jet charter company permits it.

  • In-flight entertainment is tailor-made

You can’t go on a jet plane for the first time and not get the very best in-flight service! You can while away your time watching movies, cartoons (if travelling with kids) or even catch up on Netflix.

If you would rather play board games or read magazines, the charter company can arrange that for you as well.

  • Feast on anything you want

Finally, someone got plane food right! Unlike a commercial flight, there is no limit to what you can eat and drink, as long as you tell the charter company in advance.

You are free to choose your in-flight meals, either from a restaurant or from their catering service. There is also a fully-stocked open bar for you to enjoy.

  • The flight is not as expensive as you think

This might sound odd, but the price of a private jet charter isn’t always outrageous. Depending on the number of passengers, the size of the aircraft and how far you book in advance, you can get a deal that is barely more expensive than a business-class ticket.

Also, consider the fact that you can carry things on board which ordinarily you might have to ship to your destination or buy when you arrive, such as skiing equipment, golf clubs or your favourite liquors.

  • Tipping is optional but recommended

Lastly, you are encouraged to tip when you fly on a private jet. This might sound preposterous given the amount spent on the flight, but the charter service is different from the pilots and the cabin crew.

The pilot is also usually the one who gets you cleared when you arrive at your destination, while you wait on the plane. Anything from $100 – $1,000 is appreciated.