There is nothing more important than good health – this has become the new motto of today’s millennials. Maintaining good health has become the primary focus of most of the American. And it is an intelligent decision to make, considering the facts that a person is more likely to suffer poor health condition due to obesity than accidents or drinking habits.

Whenever we talk about good health, the only thing that we take into consideration is our weight. We have always seen articles about weight loss programs, detox drink, cardio exercise and a common form of dieting – Keto diet.  But a very minimum light is shed on dental care.

If you are not aware, delaying dental care has given rise to many diseases such as oral cancer, gum diseases which are directly related to bone loss and infection that start from jaws and teeth.  Even doctors have quoted that lack of dental care can create a problem down the line. And it’s just not about our health, and teeth are our main asset of the face. You can have smaller eyes and lips, but if teeth are bad, a person can get criticized and face social stigmatization.

I am not born with a good set of teeth. From milk teeth to wisdom tooth,  I had to face the dentist every time my teeth had a problem. My mother took charge of our dental care, and that is the same legacy that I intend to follow. I don’t know about you but having a regular dental appointment in my childhood was not universal. Our milk teeth are supposed to fall out on its own without any problem. Not many people face the wisdom tooth problem or gum infection.

But as our time evolves, so do our diseases and germs. Now a day having a root canal for even a 10-year-old kid is common. I have had quite a handful visit to the dentist and didn’t want the same to happen to my children. Of course, maintaining good health and proper dental hygiene is in our hand but having a regular checkup can give you a lot more inside out on your oral health.  More so, it is beneficial to look for reputable dentists like this experienced dentist south barrington il for the best treatment options.


Diseases that can occur due to Poor Oral Health

Our oral health is not just about teeth, gums, and mouth. Bacteria that enter from our mouth can directly go into our bloodstream and can cause many inflammations including:

  •    Cardiovascular Disease
  •    Dementia
  •    Respiratory Infections
  •    Diabetes
  •    Pregnancy compilation
  •    Infertility
  •    Erectile Dysfunction
  •    Cancer
  •    Kidney Diseases
  •    Rheumatoid Arthritis

Prevention is better than Cure

To give your oral health a better chance, maintain good oral hygiene, and a regular checkup with your dentist is a must. And getting into the habit of a frequent visit from childhood can spread awareness at a very young age. That’s why to teach them about oral health I am taking my children to Pediatric Dentistry. A friend of mine introduced me to Kidshappyteeth.  It is pediatric dentistry and orthodontic which is spread in the five cities of Georgia. Roswell, Canton, Perimeter, Milton, and Duluth.  

Except for Duluth, you can have both orthodontic and pediatric process. The doctors at kidshappyteeth are the active member of the American dental association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. You can make an appointment online or telephone. Visit the clinic, and you can have full disclosure about the health facilities they provide.  

One of the unique things you will notice about the clinic is that they are aware that medical procedures are expensive. Just like a routine health checkup, oral checkup and follow-ups cost too. To make it much easier for you they have listed down the insurance plans that the clinic support. Choose the city best fitted for you and you can have a look at all the insurance covered by the clinic.

No matter your location, the goal is to maintain good oral health as part of a holistic body health care. As you meditate on where to have your dental health checked out, consider an uncompromising excellence in dentistry. This well-known dental clinic will cater to your needs in a personalized manner. You also want to consider the technology available in your dental clinic of choice; make sure it is up to date by noticing the machines’ condition and other tools.

Being able to secure dental care from a technologically-driven clinic means your dentist is up to date with dentistry skills and procedures, putting your dental care in safe hands. Moreover, the right clinic should have quality services from their appointment bookings, on-site care, and follow-up. Though essential, these services will help you gauge the clinic’s response should you need emergency dental care. 

Another unique thing to notice is how the clinic staff relates to its patients. Are they friendly? Do they go above and beyond to offer personalized dental care? All these will either make you feel like you want to get your teeth checked out at the clinic or not. Remember, your oral health needs the right kind of approach, just like the rest of your body.

Prevention Starts at Home

Having regular checkups is nice. My whole family is much interested in maintaining proper oral hygiene. But to make sure that the regular checkup stays the way it is, you have to start taking preventive measure right from home.

Not just children but adults should also follow these steps:

  •    Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes.
  •    Floss your teeth
  •    Avoid the consumption of cigarettes and tobacco.
  •    Eat a well-balanced diet
  •    Reduce the intake of sugary foods and drinks (or at least make sure you brush after the meal)
  •    Use toothpaste and mouth wash that contains fluoride.

Your oral health is not limited to teeth and gums. Take good care of your tongue. Ulcers are a clear sign of having an issue with the stomach. Plague can be formed on your language which can result in reduced mouth odor. Did you know that there are an estimated 300 different species of bacteria living inside of our mouth? Many of them are capable of spreading various inflammations, and tooth decays.

It is never too late to start taking preventive measure against oral hygiene. Teaching kids about dental problem is a great start. Because it is straightforward to mold habits into your children than the adults, not just health but taking care of teeth like the proper shape and maintaining the color and removing the Calculus not only improves your teeth condition but enhances your overall facial features.

Summing Up

Maintaining good oral health is as essential as having a regular checkup. Even the most sincere dental student needs to see the doctor twice a year. Your mouth is the inlet of food and various other micro-organisms, taking good care of it can increase your chances of decreasing the risks of more severe health problem.

We have to keep our body in good condition. So, start where you are, use what you have, and do what can because the groundwork of all happiness is good health.