If you’re in search of a new city to move to or hot spot for a real estate investment, be sure to include Asheville, NC, on your list. No matter if you like to live the city life or get out and about in nature, there’s plenty for everyone in Asheville. Here are eight reasons why this particular spot makes for a great place to live or own real estate.

Asheville NC fall foliage

1. Great Weather

One of the biggest draws of Asheville is that because it’s nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, it has great weather conditions. Summers are cool, with July temperatures barely breaking 80 degrees. Be sure to check out the surrounding foliage in the fall, and you’re free to dive feet-first into skiing and winter hiking during the mild winters there.

2. It’s “Beer City”

Asheville was deemed “Beer City USA” in 2009. If you’re a fan of beer, you’ll be pleased to know that the city has more breweries per capita when compared with any other city in the U. S. If straight-up beer isn’t enough to sate your hoppy appetites, know that beer is used in everything from ice cream to donut glazes. Ready to hop your way to a real estate agency like Troy Flack Group to start exploring your real estate options?

3. Plenty of Outdoor Adventures

If you’re more likely to be found out in nature rather than walking the city streets, then come on over to Asheville. There’s hiking, mountain biking, swimming holes, waterfalls, kayaking, and a lot more for you to get into. Even if you aren’t the type to go for a hike, Asheville still offers plenty of opportunities for you to take in some nature. Check out your options for rooftop bars and enjoy the sunset.

4. A Great Arts Scene

Another reason to check out Real Estate Asheville North Carolina is that the place has a vibrant art scene for those who are more creatively inclined. Specifically, there’s plenty of street art to check out, and there’s also the River Arts District. You’ll have no ending of local artists to discover and support. For even more creative pursuits, there’s Pritchard Park, where you’ll find street performers and even a Friday night drum circle. If you’re an artist yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll be inspired by what you see; you may even feel up to sharing some of your own pieces with the public.

5. The Blue Ridge Parkway

Asheville is also a great place for those who love driving. The Blue Ridge Parkway stretches almost 500 miles through the Southern Appalachian Mountains. You’ll have plenty of fantastic views to drink in. If you like, you can get out of the car and take in some hiking or bird watching to get a bit closer to nature.

6. The Blue Ridge Mountains

Besides the Blue Ridge Parkway, there’s also the Blue Ridge Mountains. The area has lots of wildlife, rivers, and rare plants for you to explore when the spirit of adventure is upon you. No matter the year, it’s always a great time to head up to the mountains. It makes no difference if you’re a hardcore nature lover or just someone who wants to breathe in the fresh air and take a small break from the city, there’s something for all types to enjoy.

7. Friendly Locals

If you don’t know anyone in Asheville but are thinking about moving there, not to worry. There’s plenty of hospitality and friendliness to be found here, meaning that you don’t have to be shy about asking for directions or local recommendations. Another distinction for the location is that it’s been recognized as the “Happiest City on the East Coast.” Taking that one step further, Asheville was also recognized as one of the Top 10 Friendliest Cities.

8. Great Medical Care

Besides local activities and destinations, you may be interested in what Asheville has to offer in terms of medical care. Lucky for you, the area offers cutting edge medical care in nearly every branch of medicine. Top doctors flock to the city, eager to explore opportunities at the two trauma centers, hundreds of physicians’ offices, and the generous selection of urgent care centers.

Do you like the sound of Asheville? Book a trip to check it out yourself. No matter if you’re looking to become a resident or own property, Asheville is great for both.