Gift wrapping is more of an art to be handled creatively, and in order to do professionally, one need skill and experience. The most challenging task in professional gift wrapping is choosing the right type of gift wrapping in order to perfectly fit the item and also to create the most appropriate tone and message to the gift.

When it comes to gifting in bulk or preparing a complimentary gift to be distributed to the participants of an even or a marriage function, it is essential to think of the wrapping aspect well in advance. It is now possible to avail wholesale wrapping paper which will help ensure the best impact on gifting. Getting wrapping papers in the whole will also benefit in terms of huge cost reduction also.

Here in this article, we have outlined some major factors to consider while deciding on what type of wrapping paper to consider for specific gift-wrapping needs.

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Choosing colors

Color is the primary thing to consider while buying wrapping papers. Colors can come in a variety of combinations ranging from contrasting ones to complimentary. It could be simply black and white or pink or pastel green based on the situation. You can get creative ideas by going to Instagram posts or some online images to see how people choose to gift wrap colors.

If it is a solid color or even a mix of two more colors, everything can do well on the big containers and gift boxes. White wrapping papers may serve as good foundation wrap for any further decoration elements on to it like die-cut flowers or any additionally printed on to it.


If you look at wrapping paper textures, then it is even possible to source from even the recycles materials like wallpapers or big packaging bags, etc. Nowadays, gift wrapping papers are coming in bulk with three-dimensional textures also which would look amazing on the packages. When you are thinking of purchasing wholesale wrapping papers, it is possible to custom print the textures on to smooth plain packing papers. It is noted that the textured wrapping paper may look so good on cylindrical containers like tins or flasks to be gifted.


Patterns may be of varying types as shapes, dots, tiling, or in any other forms. Usually, patterns will be in multi-color with some sort of illustrations or repetitive designs. Some good examples of patterns are diagonal stripes, leaves, snowflakes, cones, flowers, etc. Combining good patterns with appropriate colors will give it a lot of visual impact and elegance to the gift wrap.


The dimension of gift wrapping is mostly the width and length of the paper used. To decide this, it is ideal to consider the size of the gift and the box pack first. Once it is clear, you can use these measures to decide the dimensions of the gift wrap further. Say, for example, if you are wrapping a tennis racket for gifting, you may have to find flexible wrapping papers which can easily accommodate the odd shaping of it. The case is different when you have to wrap a square ornament box. So, consider the gift items and its dimensions and plan ahead before shopping for the wholesale wrapping paper.


The thickness of the paper used for wrapping could be another important factor to consider. There are various styles of gift wrapping as into one layer or two. If you plan for only one layer of wrapping, then the paper could be of 80 to 100 gsm (in weight) to cover it up. If you consider multiple wraps of various textures and papers, then the thickness needed to be considered at it becomes too heavy or dense. Based on the shape of the gifting items, there could also be difficult to make folds and paper may cease at corners if it is very thick. Deciding this can be apparently challenging, so it is best to try a sample wrapping before ordering gift wrapping in bulk.


Apart from paper, there is specialty gift wrapping fabric also, especially when wrapping cylindrical objects like bottles. The traditional paper may not wrap effectively around the whole gift without showing up some ugly ceases, which will spoil the overall charm of the gift. So, there are gift wrapping fabrics like soft cloth, crumbled texture type papers, and angel-hair tissues to be used. These materials are found to be the best to wrap circular or odd-shaped gifts at best. One of the most used wrapping cloths in bulk is Furoshiki, which is Japanese traditional wrapping cloth used to cover gifts, clothes, and food items, etc.


Wrapping papers come in various types like matte type or glossy finish surface etc. For festive occasions like Christmas or New Year, it is ideal to choose some shiny and reflective wrapping papers, which highlight the holiday mood and fun. Glossy gift wrap may also help to heighten the mood and excitement during a celebration.

On doing it carefully, there is no doubt that various gift wraps you may find can help share your inner feelings and care towards your loved ones. It is not just for Christmas, but a thoughtfully done gift wrap can be your best way to share your messages to the receivers of all kinds. An expert will help you identify the ideal wrapping sheets for every occasion like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day among others.

When it comes to bulk gifting, it is ideal to go for wholesale gift wraps, which not only help save your time but also makes your wrapping process much quicker and easier. There are many online stores now offering customized gift wraps also. So, if you are a company or provisional stores, then you can think of custom printing the complementary gift wraps also when there is a need for bulk gift delivery or sales. Along with some attractive patterns and colors, you can also custom print your business logo or tagline on to the wrapping paper, which will help spread the fame of your brand to more. People won’t forget a gift and a gift wrap that sooner and they also tend to look at all details of it.