When you get back from a trip, what’s the first thing that you do when you see your friends? You show them pictures and videos from the trip of course.

Oftentimes this involves scrolling through your photo and video library on your phone, trying to pull up the most interesting selections. But what if you already had all the best memories beautifully edited into one amazing video?

If you’re looking to make the most out of your memories, it’s time to make an awesome travel video. Lucky for you we have the best travel video tips to turn your vacation into a short film everyone will be scrambling to watch.

Watch Other Travel Videos

It’s common knowledge that in order to be great at something, you need to learn from the best. Just like film directors watch hundreds of other films, and musical artists are constantly listening to music for inspiration, you should be watching other travel videos.

Not only will these videos inspire you and teach you some creative techniques, but it may give you some new information about the places you’re about to travel to! There are plenty of incredible travel videos all over YouTube and Vimeo, whether you want to browse them all or search for specific locations.

Don’t Overshoot

Some people focus so much on capturing video that they lose sight of what they’re truly traveling for. If you spend your entire trip behind a camera, you’re not experiencing these places the way they’re meant to be experienced.

Try setting aside certain times each day to shoot, and then spend the rest of the time exploring these incredible places the way you would if you weren’t making a travel video.

The Golden Hour is a great time to shoot video. This is the time of day when the sun is at the right angle to create incredible lighting. This is either very early in the morning, or just before sunset. Choose your time wisely.

Travel Video Tips on Editing

One of the most important aspects of making an amazing travel video is editing. There are many parts of the editing process that are essential to creating a video that people want to watch.

First, you need to have great transitions. Most video clips are less than five seconds long. This means in a typical two-minute travel video, you’re going to go through 20-30 transitions.

Another essential part of your travel video is music. Choose a great song that has a buildup, a breakdown, and a consistent beat, and meld your video around that song.

If you need help with the editing process use a YouTube video creator or Promo video maker, which will help you throughout the entire editing process and uploading to YouTube to share with the world.

Need More?

Now that you’re full of great travel video tips, it’s time to get out and do it! But first, keep reading for more great tips. From travel recommendations to delicious drinks to sip on during the editing process, we have you covered at A Nation of Moms.