We have been doing Girl Scouts for several years, and as a Troop Leader, I am always looking for different experiences with my kids.  I was able to set up a grocery store tour at our local Hannaford when the kids were in Brownies.


For the tour, the girls met with a Hannaford Dietician, who walked through the store talking about products and healthy choices.  I had met with the dietician prior to the tour just to touch base about what the tour would include.

Hannaford dietician

The tour touched on a lot of things like healthy eating, how to spot healthy foods, how to read labels, and so on.

Hannaford Pico de Gallo

The kids got to sample a healthy recipe as well.  Our Hannaford Dietician regularly does some neat sampling stations, and the girls enjoyed their treat of apples with a cinnamon-yogurt dip.

Hannaford Girl Scout Tour

Overall, this was a neat tour to do with our Girl Scouts.  We did this when our troop was in 2nd grade, and I can see us going back to do another tour as the girls get older, and being able to focus more on how to make healthy choices.

There are a bunch of Grocery Store Tour patches to choose from as well when you do this tour.

Girl Scouts Brownies Grocery Store Tour

We did our tour at Hannaford, but I would just get in touch with your local grocery store to see if they do tours for scouts.