Finding just the right gift for someone can be a challenge.  If you know the recipient is a gardener, it makes it a little easier when it comes to shopping.  I work at a local nursery, and these are a few ideas I think can make a great gift for the gardener in your life.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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Garden gloves

I give garden gloves all the time as gifts, and they are always well-received, even if the person already has garden gloves. It is easy to wear through gloves doing outdoor work, and it is nice to have a fresh pair! You can also find speciality gloves such as rose gardening gloves.

Garden clippers / shears

I have a couple pairs of garden clippers, and it is nice to have some new ones every so often, as they tend to stick or become dull.

Garden clogs / rain boots

Footwear is always good to have for gardening, so you have something that can get wet or muddy.  Clogs are convenient for slipping on if you need to water or pick some things from the garden.

Kneeling pad / garden seat

Kneeling pads are a great way to help save your knees and your clothes!  You can also find some nice garden seats, some that roll.

Green Tomatoes

Veggie basket or gardener’s recipe book

There are some neat veggie baskets for picking veggies from the garden.  Or perhaps a recipe book on how to use all those great fresh vegetables!  (Only recently did I try a recipe for my green tomatoes!  Check out my attempt at fried green tomatoes).

Compost Bin

A compost bin is a great way to be more eco-friendly and create your own amazing soil right from your own food scraps.

Pots and accessories

Pots are always useful, and you can find ones that are good for either indoor houseplants or larger sizes for outdoor projects.  There are plenty of accessories too – from fairy garden items to plant picks.

Seeds / bulbs / plants

Seeds and bulbs, or even plants can make for a special gift.  There are some neat flowers out there and bulbs can be expensive.  I remember all the times I eyed giant allium bulbs but didn’t want to splurge!  There were times I knew someone wanted a particular plant or something like a special color rose, and those were perfect for gift-giving.

Gift card to a local nursery

Gift cards are useful gifts especially if you aren’t sure what the person might need or like when it comes to gardening.