Carpets can turn quickly dirty, from accidental spills, drops, and the dirt that your shoes carry. So, keeping carpeting clean may seem nothing short of a challenge. Occasionally, you can hand this to a trusted cleaner who offers carpet cleaning services. As far as daily care goes, you have to take charge of it. Don’t worry. It’s not as arduous as it may sound to you.

Here are a few DIYs that you can easily follow to maintain the condition of your new or old carpet.

How to clean your carpet effectively?

Carpet cleaning machines

Despite many different methods for spot cleaning your carpets, you may want to consider getting a carpet cleaning machine. This can help to revive old carpets or deal with larger messes.

Dab those nasty stains

The first instinct when you spot any stain on the surface of the carpet makes you grab a wet napkin or towel and rub that spot. But rubbing can be harmful to the carpet fibers. It puts pressure on the surface, and the particles are forced to enter deep into the threads, causing them to tear. A perfect way is, dab that area with a cleaning agent applied on sponge, napkin or cloth towel.

Use shaving cream on ordinary stains

Shaving cream works well on many types of stains. Just spray a dollop of the cream on the stain, leave it for about 30 minutes, and then use a dry white cloth (to avoid color bleeding) to blot the area. After that, take one portion of water and vinegar each to spray on the surface and finally, remove it with a cloth.

Apply ice-cubes on chewing gum

Suppose you did not notice your shoes had chewing gum clung to it and stepped on your carpet. That sticky mess got transferred to your carpet. Nothing can look awful than this. But don’t fret. Take out ice cubes from your freezer and put them on the gum so that it freezes. You may have to do it for 30 seconds or more. After that, check if the gum has turned solid. If yes, you can scoop it out with a spoon. Then, trim the carpet strands a bit just below the chewing gum to fully get rid of that unwanted thing. Nobody will be able to notice it.

Put dishwashing detergent on stubborn greasy marks

Oil stains don’t vanish easy. For them, you need powerful dishwashing detergent that cleans grease from your cookware. What you need to do is, mix some drops of the dishwashing agent in water, spray it on the greasy spot, and dab it. If the stain is big, you may have to repeat this for a few times over time.

Use specific cleaners for cleaning pet stains

If your pet accidentally dirties the carpet, reach out for your cleaner from the storage and spray it on the spot. After that, take some cloth or towel to wipe the surface. Be sure to find a good carpet urine remover that cleans and removes odors.

Most of the things that you need to get rid of that stain from your carpet are available at your home. You only have to be informed which will be better when.