We live in world blessed with sights that are really beautiful beyond words, and almost every human being probably dreams of visiting at least one of those places in their lifetime. There are modern places with high rise buildings. Or tropical wonders, like Phuket Island in Thailand, which is surrounded by aquamarine ocean waters, spectacular golden sand beaches and then the emerald green rain forests. Perhaps you are considering traveling across the world to see these wonders, or moving cross country and want to take in the sights during a stressful time.  Bekins Moving Solutions can help you with your long distance move, and we can help you find some great destinations.

In the world there are so many amazing places to see, it is not possible to include them all in just one list. Breathtaking destinations are definitely worth bumping to the top of traveling bucket.


Venice, Italy

If traversing the canals with be stripped gondolier sounds unbearably touristy then stick to the sidewalks and spectacular. Stick to the sidewalks and spectacular arched bridges to get fill of truly unique, widely romantic floating cities available. Beaches are predictably the top attraction and no matter where you go they are all breathtaking.  Here, you can escape from your responsibilities and enjoy a true vacation.  Leave the work back at home with ignitedigital.com.

Martin P. Whyte, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikipedia

This tower is located in Galway, Ireland, and it is actually the tallest round tower in the world. Pretty impressive at 34m tall, and it has a lean like the leaning tower of Pisa. It is a Monastic site, and while not as popular as Clonmacnoise, it is older and from the seventh century. If you would like to see the museum room and enclosed areas then there is a key which you can pick up into the bungalow across the road.

Seals in Ireland

Ireland is a great place to spot seals and especially on the time you visit the Aran Islands. A whole colony of seals lives on the Island of Inishmore on the beach called portmurvy.  At times they look like big rocks, so watch very carefully until they flip their tails or move around. You can find a side road to the right between kilronan and Eoganacht that will lead you to a very long beach. 

Banff national park Canada

Glacial Lakes in Canada’s first National Park have some of the bluest water you have ever seen. Even if you are not particularly outdoorsy, you can still admire the views from one of the cozy and luxurious lakeside lodges and throughout the park. Living in modern cities with high rise buildings, we tend to miss out on what mother nature has to offer.

Whale watching in California

Whale watching should be something that you do in your lifetime.  These massive marine mammals are amazing to see in person.  The West coast of the United States is one of the most convenient places to go whale watching, and you can easily take a tour with whale watching Los Angeles.

Chocolate hills, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills area of the Philippines covers the twenty square miles located on different islands. There are over 1,260 hills limestone hills spread over 50 kilometers. There are many local legends about how the hills were formed, but they are limestone formations covered with grass, which dries out and turns brown.