You can change your body in many ways of that there is no question. Working out and hitting the gym to sculpt the physique you want takes time, but the results show the reality of what your body can achieve. However, changing your face is incredibly difficult to do. The face is made up of small muscles and bone. Therefore there’s not a lot of flesh to play with and mould into the shape and size you want. Yet some women do wish they had this power because if you want to change your face then it requires specific knowledge. It’s not as easy as going to the gym and having a great cardio session. For most people the only way they think they can change their face is by the hands of a professional. This is far from the only option they have and luckily for them there are tons of cheaper alternatives. Importantly you must know that you can make your face look slimmer without drastic changes. Looking thinner is a different path to looking slimmer. Thinner involves your weight. Slimmer means you can shape the way you look but focus on tightening things up.

Using an artistic hand

Your face is unique and rather than see fault in it, you can see it as a work in progress if you are intent on slimming your features. Contouring is what makeup artists do to make the lines and shape of the features of a face to the exact way they want it. Contour makeup is the latest trend in beauty and it’s clear to see why. It makes changing the lines and size of your features easier than ever before. The golden rule is to use a dark shade on the outside so that shadow does not have a role on the inside of your face. It cuts off the rest of the body, hair and head so that total focus is on the face. The lighter shade is then used for fine detail. You can use it line your nose how you want it to be looked at from the frontal angle. Normally, the makeup will be contouring to achieve a slimming appeal which is what most women will be using this kind of product for.

Be gentle with the makeup however as you should not think of it as any other kind of product. It’s not foundation which is used to blush or smooth the shade of your cheeks and forehead. Don’t think of it as anything other than something that you can use with an artistic touch to change how light glides down your face. With this in mind, you can better achieve a slimmer look not just on your nose, but on your forehead, cheekbones and chin. Even your jawline can look more plump and softer if you wish.

Go a little darker

Darker shades are often seen as slimming. You’ve heard of the old saying wearing black is slimming. Well this is true in makeup and beauty also. Rather than wearing a lot of light shades you can swap them for darker shades. Instead of foundation that is rosy pink, instead you might want to go for a dark blush red. Burgundy lipstick instead of pure velvet red is a better choice too. It really all depends on how slim you want your face to appear. Sometimes you might not want the entirety of your face to look slimmer but just a part of it.

What you’re wearing also have a big impact on your choices for beauty. For example, if you’re wearing a white floral dress, and then you’re also wearing lighter shades of makeup, this is not going to add to the slimmer effect. Instead you should choose to wear slightly darker clothes that will ultimately match your makeup choices. It you’re wearing a neutral color such as white, grey, beige, baby blue or even faded pink, then you can offset this by wearing a darker shade of those same colors. Wear a silver or dark brown lipstick instead. Wear silver earrings instead of gold. You may also find that wearing a grey or dark blue eyeshadow is better for slimming your bridge and T-zone.

The acid test

Beauty and diet go hand in hand and in fact, more women need to realize this and make the connection. It’s long overdue but it should be said that not all acid is bad for you. We know that acidic drinks damage our teeth and can even dry out our lips. Drinking smoothies can often causes chapped lips because of the natural acidity in the fruits. However, lemon and honey scrubs are great for your skin. The acid from the lemon tightens up the cheeks and the eyelids. While the honey acts as an opposite and plumps up your skin and stretches it out as well.

Using a lemon and honey scrub sparingly will also allow the spots and other blemishes to wash away also. However you may want to only use a high acid scrub on the largest and strongest parts of your face. The cheeks, chin, jawline and forehead are where you should be applying this. It will slim the face by pulling the skin in from the middle and the tightening it over the bone structure. Think it as stretching out a blanket and then placing weights at each corner. This should be applied every other day so it should round up to around 3 times a week. Preferably you should do so before you go to sleep so in the morning your face will be tight and your facial structure will be greater on show.

Many people would like to have a slimmer face because it makes us look younger. Not just that, but it can also make us look more beautiful. When you have high cheekbones but perhaps sagging skin, it can be disheartening. Tighten up your skin using acid formulas and products that will increase the tort feeling around your features. Use modern makeup products to then determine the lines that run across your face.