Sunny Florida is about to feel the beauty of sunny, warm days. Is your ac ready to take on the hotter temps? An ac repair technician can inspect and repair your ac before trouble brews this summer.

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Health Problems

A poorly maintained or outdated unit can pose health hazards for your family. The air ducts can spread illnesses and mold throughout your home if not cleaned and properly maintained. Mold develops during the summertime when the ac constantly runs to cool the home. A Fish Hawk air conditioning repair technician may recommend cleaning your ducts if there is evidence of dust or debris.

Clean Coils

Dust can fill those thin pieces of metal surrounding the ac unit. A dirty unit doesn’t work as efficiently. The coils within creates the condensation that cools your home. A technician can show you how to properly clean and maintain the unit. 

Fire Hazard

Air conditioning systems are a major source of fires in homes according to the National Fire Protection Association. Preventing an unwanted fire starts with having your ac inspected. Neglecting ac repairs can cause more damage and loss through a fire than simply paying for the repair in the first place. If you think that your AC’s showing signs of being a fire hazard, don’t be hesitant to call for emergency hvac repair Las Vegas to immediately address the problem.

Proper Ventilation

Bringing outside air at least every four hours helps properly ventilate the home. Many newer home systems automatically ventilate the home through mechanical means. An older home may leak enough outdoor air to not need as much ventilation. Not ventilating the home can increase the airborne contaminants inside.

Leaking Ducts

A leaking duct can steal up to 40% of the ac’s energy. Utility bills rise the more inefficient your system is. Fixing leaks can increase the overall efficiency of the unit and create a cooler home.

Air Filters 

Air filters trap particles traveling in the air in your home. The particles stick to the woven material trapping more contaminants the longer its in use. However, over time a dirty filter restricts air flow and can cause more pollution than it eliminates. Changing filters on a regular schedule keeps your home smelling nice without harmful contaminants.

New Unit

There are certain repairs that are more expensive than purchasing a new unit. Sometimes the current unit cannot be salvaged. Newer units can save you money on your utility bills with the increased efficiency. Many newer models run quieter.

Ask around for a referral for a quality technician, check their licensing, get a quote and have your ac unit inspected before you turn on the ac. A technician can let you know if a simple repair fixes the issue or if you need a complete overhaul.