I’m pretty sure a lot of us coffee drinkers have reached a point that we crave for coffee and can’t live without it! Sure, we all have our different reasons as to why coffee is life, but it all boils down to us wanting that extra dose of energy or to just have fun with friends in a cafe. But why exactly do we NEED it, to the point we can’t function well without it?

Well, it’s our brain that actually craves coffee! If you’re wondering why then read on as I show you the eight reasons why your brain craves coffee. For more information about how to choose a best coffee maker, visit https://coffeeurban.com/


Eight Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

So, why exactly does our brain crave for coffee anyway? Here are the top eight reasons why:

1. It’s a Habit Already

Just like how we sleep or eat, things become a habit and routine to us that we get used to. The same goes for our morning coffee, as we tend to get used to having it so much! It becomes a key part to our morning routine that we can’t live without it, feeling awkward or incomplete if ever we don’t have a cup of coffee in hand. This is psychological dependency!

2. How to Cope With Stress

Stress affects our entire body, which can cause fatigue and anxiety. Unfortunately, many adults suffer from it, having to go to other ways to reduce such stress in life. While some tend to stress eat or shop, many of us turn to chemical boosters like caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine.

This is because caffeine helps improve mood levels and reduce the symptoms of depression. It’s totally normal, especially if you need the pick-me-up!

3. Help With Low Iron Levels

For those who suffer from iron deficiency, then you may have experienced a few uncomfortable symptoms such as weakness and fatigue. Because of this, people turn to coffee for the instant energy and alertness. But this may not be good in the long run!

Coffee has natural compounds, which are tannins. This prevents the body from absorbing iron, exacerbating symptoms of anemia because of it. So watch out and have a diet filled with iron if you need coffee, too.

4. Pica and Olfactory Craving

Pica is an eating disorder that has people crave or consume items that have little to no nutrition at all. Some of this food include sand, ash, and other food items we find odd.

And while coffee is known to have some nutrients, those with pica tend to turn to caffeine as well. The craving for Kimbo coffee and other food items is most likely caused by iron deficiency anemia.

5. To Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms

When we try to quit different vices like alcohol, medicine, smoking, or even caffeine, we tend to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. One of the most common symptoms are the severe headaches and mood swings, as well as a lack of focus and tiredness.

Because of this, many turn to caffeine to help relieve the headaches and other symptoms. Headaches usually go away after, which is why you already crave it, thinking it helps make you feel better.

6. It’s In the Genes!

This may sound funny, but craving coffee can actually be in your genetics! There was a study that shows how thousands of coffee drinkers helped researchers point out six genetic variants, which determine one’s responsiveness to coffee, specifically the caffeine in it.

The genes would predict if you will be a light or heavy coffee drinker, so blame it on your DNA!

7. Dependent on Caffeine

It’s possible to be addicted to caffeine but fortunately, this isn’t a common case. Being dependent on caffeine, however, is quite possible and a huge problem for many adults. This has us crave for coffee regardless, and not being able to live without it or you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms.

Because of the dependency, people would choose to just continue drinking coffee to avoid the symptoms. I suppose in a sense, this isn’t overly bad, and it can be catered too with sites similar to https://ironandfire.co.uk/ offering subscriptions. Hopefully, I won’t become too addicted!  

8. Reduce Cravings, Improve Energy

This is the main reason why many people claim to drink coffee. It helps with their energy levels and is low on calories when taken a plain, which also reduces cravings. That way, coffee doesn’t only help with your alertness and strength, it also rescues your appetite to help lose or maintain weight in the long run.

Final Thought

Our brains work in such mysterious ways, and craving coffee can still boggle a lot of minds. However, there’s no denying that it’s a beneficial drink, as long as its drank in the right amounts. With that being said, it’s still good to know why YOU crave for it, just so you have an idea in case you plan on lessening it soon.

Hopefully, this article on the eight reasons why your brain craves coffee gave you an idea on why you like the drink. So start enjoying your favorite cup of coffee more now!

If you had any questions or want o to share your own reasons why coffee is life, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.