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I love exposing my kids to a variety of different styles of music, and “Swamp Romp” is one of those albums that is unique and a change from our normal music routine.  I can’t say that our usual listening routine includes songs about Mudbugs (crayfish) or bamboulas (drums)!

This album from children’s music performers Johnette Downing and Scott Billington celebrates the music of Louisiana, and is perfect for the upcoming Mardi Gras or just for enjoying some good, lively music.  Johnette is also a children’s book author, and Scott is a GRAMMY winning producer and an A&R director at Rounder Records.  Swamp Romp also showcases numerous guests that bring a lot of character to the album.

Swamp Romp

This duo shares the music styles of Louisiana roots music, from New Orleans R&B to Cajun to traditional jazz.  I enjoyed the variety on the album, from the musical styles to the actual instruments used.  There are many unique instruments used in the Swamp Romp songs, including the ukulele, sousaphone, washboard, and timple.   

Check out Johnette’s “Who Got the Baby in the King Cake?”, a great Dixieland jazz song!  What’s fun is not just the music, but kids learn about what a king cake is.  Johnette also wrote a children’s book of the same name, which is a great way to teach kids about this Mardi Gras confection.

And check out this new video from the Swamp Romp album, “Bamboula Rhythm”:

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