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Being a parent means life can be pretty hectic. So when it’s time to get a new car, it can be overwhelming. It helps to have some strategies for making the process go as smoothly as possible. Cars, buying, and selling have all changed over the years, and when it comes to kids, you want to have the least stressful process as possible.

Have a New Car Picked Out First

Spend some time doing some research, and check out cars at the dealership. You want to bring the kids with you and see how a vehicle fits your family. Maybe you have a new baby and are considering a minivan, or have teens and you want to consider leg room for long trips. While bringing kids to the dealership can be a chore, take your time and don’t rush into a decision. Do your research so that you know what features are available for your family. There are always new features and safety standards, and you should learn what you can before shopping.

Clean Out Your Car

While you can sell a messy car, it always helps if you can do a good job of getting your car cleaned out. Plus, a lot can accumulate in your car and you don’t want to leave anything behind when you get rid of it. I remember buying a used car and finding a bunch of things the previous owner had lost in their car.

​​​​​​​This means a thorough cleaning, from the sippy cup that rolled under the seat 3 weeks ago to scraping off the spongebob stickers your toddler stuck to the window. Make sure to check carefully between and under seats. We always find things the kids lost weeks or even months prior!


Sell Online

We haven’t had to sell a car for a while now, but I have memories of taking my toddlers to the dealership to deal with trading in our old car. I very clearly remember having to keep the kids busy while we were haggling with the dealership, and it was certainly a challenge!

Now you can simply sell your car online, which is much easier. You can navigate through the car selling process online, from the comfort of home.