Accidents happen all the time. While there are some accidents that can be avoided, there are others that are difficult to avoid. However, we should try our level best to avoid them. When you are involved in accident, there are things you need to do to keep yourself safe and to protect your interests.

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1. If you have been involved in a car accident, stop the car.

The law requires you to stop the car immediately and never move from the scene of the accident. If it is dark, keep the flashers on to avoid instances of further accidents from happening.

2. Call the Police

Whenever you have been involved in accident, even if there are minimal or no damages call the police. Making a legal accident report is important. If there are damages caused the police can help provide the report to your insurance company.

3. Contact your Attorney

After being involved in an accident, ensure that you contact your attorney. This will ensure that your rights are protected and the evidenced will be safeguarded. Most insurance companies are cunning and they want to obtain the statement immediately after the accident. Contact the GCJ Law accident lawyers for legal advice before issuing out any sort of documents or information after the accident.

4. Seek Medical Care

Even if the injures are not apparent immediately, consider seeing a doctor.  Some people report feeling pain a day or two after the accident. Even if there is no pain, ensure that you visit your doctor for general checkup.

5.   Take Pictures

If you happen to have a phone or camera, you can take pictures of the car and the accident scene immediately after the accident. If your car has any possible damages, consider taking visible pictures of the damage. If it is injuries on your own body, take the pictures too if it is possible. The pictures might be useful after the accident as evidence. Remember not to interfere with the scene of the accident in any way until the police arrive.                 

6. Get the Accurate Facts about the Accident

Give the policeman a full and accurate information about what happened at the scene of the accident. Do not say anything you are not sure off or make untrue statement. This will further make the situation worse. This includes yourself. If you are asked if you have suffered any personal injury, you would rather say you are not sure, rather than answering no. This is because, you can start experiencing pain long after the accident.

It is important that you get the personal information of all the people involved in the accident where possible. You can have their phone numbers, address, their car registration and other details about them or their car that you might consider important.

7. Call Your Insurer

You can call your insurance company after getting involved in an accident. Although you should not make any claim yet. Alternatively, you can have your attorney call your insurance company. This is to confirm your coverage. However, be careful when talking to them. It is better to have your lawyer around.

8. Be Careful What You Say

Most people feel confused and anxious after getting involved in an accident. If you are in this situation, avoid talking until you calm down. Never admit that you are the faulty one. Your lawyer and the insurer, with the help of the police will help determine that. Watch out who you are talking to about the accident.

When you get involved in an accident, stay as calm as possible and consider these tips. Always involve your lawyer to fight for and protect your rights.