To answer the question of whether you need a semi-hollow body guitar or not the only thing you need to consider is the genre of music you are playing! If it is anything other than hardcore thrash or metal, chances are you will find music to use a semi-hollow body.

The semi-hollow body guitars were the first choice for guitarists during the inception of guitar-oriented rock and roll music. There are several features and reasons for you to consider including the one of a kind sound and specs for this special guitar type.   

Semi-hollow body: a rich and hallowed history

Historically the semi-hollow body guitars claim to fame was the 60’s and 70’s jazz and blues music. The rich tonality of the guitar was ideal for these music types where the sound of the guitar needed to stand out. Just think about the guitarists who embraced the Gibson-335 including Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, and Otis Rush to name a few. You get some of the most consistent performers with their choice of an axe being a semi-hollow guitar.

As the sound progressed into the late ’70s and the early 80’s we had artists like Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Gary Moore, Chet Atkins and Ted Nugent who made a name for themselves while playing semi-hollow guitars. These blues master’s shifted periodically between a Gibson ES-335 and ES-345.

The sound of the semi-hollow body

From amateur players to professional performers everyone is drawn in by the harmonic richness of the guitar. The semi-hollow bodies due to its natural resonance produce dynamic mid-range with lots of sustain rounded mid-tones and even prettier overtones. In guitar-verse, the sound of a hollow-body is lusher than a solid body electric guitar.

Ease of use and access

In addition to the richness of sound, you also get extreme playability when investing in a semi-hollow body electric guitar. The guitar has a convenient size and shapes for endless practice sessions and long performance and shows. It doesn’t matter the size of the crowd. Comfort and insane playability are guaranteed with this guitar. These are lighter than the solid body electric guitars as well, therefore no more back pains or associated joint disorders from playing for long durations.

Additionally, the natural resonance this guitar offers the player makes it the perfect instrument for practicing without plugging into an amplifier. So all you need to do is pull out your favorite music sheets for guitar and get playing.

The style quotient

Generally, the newbie and the amateur guitar players all tend to go for the solid body electric guitars. Concerning the aesthetics of the guitar there is nothing better than the hollow body guitars owing to its craftsmanship and the use of fine woods. The old school and traditional look of these guitars make it an irresistible choice for millions of guitar player all around the world.

You have the following choices among the many if you are thinking about investing in a semi-hollow body guitar.

  • Gibson ES-339
  • Epiphone Dot
  • Rickenbacker 360 12-String
  • Gretsch Guitars G2622T Streamliner Double Cutaway with Bigsby
  • Ibanez AS73
  • Fender Telecaster Thinline

Stand out in the crowd of a million guitarists. Get a semi-hollow body today and rock it out!