We are busy planning our next big trip – we are going to Seattle this summer!

I am working on my wish list of things we want to see.  Keep in mind that we will have our 9 and 12 year old with us, so it will have to be kid friendly.  We will also be renting a car so we can get around the city and beyond.

These are all possible things we are considering, which will also depend on weather and what we feel like doing when we get there.

Seattle Travel

Pike Place + Gum Wall

I don’t know how much time we will really spend at Pike Place, but we will check out the market.  We are vegetarian and my daughter has a peanut allergy, so unfortunately it can make it tough to enjoy things like bakeries or candy (especially while traveling).

As for the gum wall, my kids are already hoarding a stash of gum!

Tide Pools

We love the great outdoors and exploring, so it’s only natural that we want to do some tide pooling.  We don’t live near a beach, and the West Coast has a lot of cool critters.  I have heard things like Golden Gardens Park is neat to explore.

Chiluly Garden and Glass Museum

Chiluly has some amazing displays around the world, and I really want to check out these glass sculptures.

Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe

We are cat lovers, and my kids have wanted to visit a Cat Cafe for years, so if we happen to be around this one, it would be fun to visit.

Space Needle & Seattle Aquarium

We don’t usually do super touristy things when we travel, but the Space Needle is a possibility.  It is expensive – $50 alone for just the kids!  There is also the aquarium, although that is also expensive ($100 for the four of us).

Japanese Gardens & Arboretums

I would love to see some gardens, and there are lots to choose from.  Kubota Gardens, Madison Gardens, Seattle Arboretum.

Seattle Aquarium

We have heard great things about the aquarium, and it would be fun to check out the marine life there.

Segway tour of Seattle

We have been eyeing some Groupon deals for Segway tours, and this would be a fun chance to go on a Segway!

Good food

This can be tough between being vegetarian and my daughter’s peanut allergy, but we would like to enjoy some good food.  This might be in Chinatown or just around the city.  I don’t want my daughter to feel left out by going to a lot of bakeries or other neat eateries where she can’t have anything.  Surprisingly, I can’t find a nut-free bakery in Seattle!  (I did find a company that makes nut-free products and sells them at Whole Foods, but I am looking for a real nut-free bakery since we have a Whole Foods right at home). We want to check out Ellenos at Pike Place.

The Great Outdoors

We love getting outdoors and there are lots of beautiful places to check out.  Snoqualmie Falls (and possibly river tubing), beaches, hiking, waterfalls, mountain ranges.

What activities would you recommend?  I want to find a good balance between some cool tourist attractions and the off the beaten path places too!  Please comment with your suggestions of what (and what not) to do!


Seattle Space Needle Chiluly