Monster Jam

IWe have been going to Monster Jam for a couple years now. It is a unique experience and a fun event to check out!

We like attending out the pre-show Pit Party that takes place before the Monster Jam. You can wander around and meet the drivers in the arena, and see the vehicles up close. (Tickets for the Pit Party are purchased in addition to your Monster Jam tickets).

There have been different cars every year, and it’s neat to check out who is at Monster Jam at each show.

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Considering the trucks average over 10 feet tall, it is very impressive to see up close. The tires are taller than my kids, even weighing in at 800 lbs a piece, so its neat to see it all right up close.

Monster Jam 2018

The show usually starts off with some truck races.

Monster Jam 2018

There are a range of competitions, including creative competitions, where the audience can help cheer on their favorites. There is usually a donut competition, two-wheel skill competition, and a freestyle competition.

Monster Jam 2018

There are always some unplanned things too, like some flips that go wrong or the occasional breakdown.

Monster Jam 2018

The Monster Jam drivers also drive ATVs, and it is exciting to see them race.

Monster Jam 2018

At the end, one Monster Truck driver is the champion!  Some of the event winners were based on speed, and others involved audience participation.

Tip: We brought some ear plugs, which I would say is a must, especially if you have kids (they also sell hearing protection).

Monster Jam will be at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York from January 12-13, 2019.

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