A lot can be said about a man by looking at the way he dresses, and while that perception may seem somewhat superficial, it isn’t entirely so. Everything from the hat up top to the shoe down below speaks volumes about how much an individual is confident about his physique, personality, social standing, age, etc. Notice how the term “confident” was used instead of “conscious” and you may have an idea of what we are talking about here. Nonetheless, in order to have that confidence, there are a few staple items that belong in the cupboard of every man. Take a look at the following seven and see if you have the list covered.

The White Shirt

The white dress shirt is a must-have because of its versatility. Just consider some of the options that you will have by owning this one piece of clothing.

  • Wear it with a pair of blue jeans and roll the sleeves up for a timeless casual look
  • Roll down the sleeves, put a blazer on and you are ready to face the cold in style
  • Wear a pair of chinos and a pair of brogues with it for a semi-casual look
  • It will serve as the quintessential undershirt when you wear a suit

Understand that this is just some of the many other options men have with a white button-down shirt at their disposal because there isn’t a whole lot that this piece of clothing doesn’t work with!

The White T-Shirt

Another versatile piece of clothing, the white tee is only surpassed by the white shirt in terms of versatility, as it doesn’t really have a place in formal events for obvious reasons. However, the white Polo t-shirt still works flawlessly in semi-formal events when coupled with blue denim or dark coloured chinos. One can argue that the black t-shirt is just as essential, and there’s nothing wrong with that argument either.

The Blue Jeans

Not unlike the white shirt, a pair of blue denims can also pretty much go with anything really, and we are not talking about casual occasions only either. It is perfectly possible to pull off a semi-casual look while wearing dark blue jeans, provided that you know how to of course. The white tee and blue denim are a classic, casual combination that women are particularly fond of seeing on men. If you had to carry just one pair of jeans on your next holiday destination, let it be dark blue denim because very few items in the entire world of fashion are as adaptable.

The Navy Blazer

When the temperature begins to dip, and it is time to pull out the jackets and the coats to flaunt an impeccable sense of fashion during the winter months, the navy blazer is one the most basic outerwear items that every man should have in his wardrobe. There is no shortage of options to style a blue blazer for men nowadays, but staying away from the blazer and shorts combo is probably a good idea! Even dark blue or black jeans go perfectly with a navy blazer to attain a more casual look, but just don’t try to match the colour of the trousers with that of the coat because unless they were made together as a suit, it won’t work.

The Brogue

Coming down to the footwear, brogues are pretty much the most adaptive and classy shoes that any man can own. To understand why the brogue is considered to be a staple item for the modern man, check some examples of the classic mens brogue shoes. Go with a suede textured, shiny brown brogue and you will be able to wear that pair to casual, semi-casual, semi-formal, and even formal events without any issues whatsoever. They are not as limiting as the strictly formal Oxford is, and neither are they as niche as winter trekking boots are.

The Dress Watch

It is extremely hard, as well as insufficient to select just one staple watch for any man and yet, if you must pick just one, let it be a nice dress watch. Dress watches come in with black or brown leather straps and sport a clean, sober look on the dial. Ideally, you should wear them to formal and semi-casual events, but they will not bad with a casual attire either.

A Pair of Aviators

There are people who are not fond of aviators and they swear by their wayfarers, so if that’s what appeals to you more, choose a wayfarer instead. Nonetheless, the universal appeal of the aviator is well founded, and it is necessary for every man to add at least one pair of these to his collection.

Do note that only one from each category of clothing/accessory was mentioned on this list, but that doesn’t necessarily mean men only need white shirts or just blue denims. Nevertheless, if a man were to prioritise, these are the seven staple items from each category that should top the list for sure.