Have a friend who’s about to tie the knot, and she’s included you as one of her bridesmaids? Congratulations! Now you have to focus on looking as simple as possible to avoid stealing her spotlight. Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t bad to look your best on your friend’s wedding day, but you have to remember it’s her big day. Here are some easy pointers on looking great without stealing the bride’s limelight:


  1. Put On Less Makeup Than The Bride

It’s no secret that professionally-applied makeup is a great way to attract some attention. Choose to put on as little makeup as possible. Alternatively, you could opt not to have any on at all. There’s a natural beauty that comes with going for a natural look.

  1. Don’t Put On a Dress With a Similar Color As Hers

This is a no-brainer. The color of the bridesmaid dresses has to differentiate the bridesmaid and the bride. If she’s gone for a bold color scheme, wear a dress with less effect. Dark blue or black choices are an excellent pick. A difference in color lets people know who the bride is even when you’re posing together for a photo.

  1. Put On a Dress With Fewer Details

It’s possible to look stunning in a non-flashy dress. Choose to wear a dress that has little or no jewelry or flashy details on it. The bride should be adorned in jewelry and, if necessary, have a floor-sweeping veil to emphasize her position. The beauty of the contrast is evident in the wedding photos.

  1. Put On a Short Dress If Hers Sweeps The Floor

Again, it’s easy for the guests not to spot the bride if you’re putting on a dress of similar length as hers. If her choice is long and flowing, a knee-length dress is perfect for you. If she decides to put on a short gold gown, floor-sweeping gold bridesmaid dresses are ideal for you and your fellow maids of honor.

  1. Put On Less Attention-Drawing Shoes

Most people think that shoes don’t attract attention as much as dresses. You’d be surprised that you can have the guests glued to your feet more as you march behind the bride because of your choice of shoes.

If you’re putting on a knee-length dress, try not to compete with the bride in terms of footwear. Your selection of shoes shouldn’t outshine hers. You could meet up with her and compare your shoes to hers before the wedding to avoid such a scenario.

  1. Rock a Different Hairstyle From The Bride

If the bride decides to style her hair into a French pleat, you could let yours hang freely behind you. However, some brides have no problem having the same hairstyle as their bridesmaids. The only difference is that there’s more detail on the bride’s hairdo. But in the end, it all boils down to the bride’s preference.