Many people believe that adding extra living space to their home is going to require a large investment.  Not only are many of the traditional options expensive, such as adding an extension or a conservatory, but they also cause havoc in the home while the work is being completed.  Luckily there are some easier ways to add extra living space to your home that don’t require the large time or money investment. Keep reading to find out more.

Install a Steel Building

Whether you just need some extra storage space, or would like to create a home office that’s out of the way, a steel building is the ideal solution.  Much cheaper than adding an extension to your existing property, steel buildings can also be erected quickly due to them being pre-cut before purchase.  

Finish the Basement

A lot of properties come with a basement, but many homeowners don’t do a lot with it, choosing instead to use it primarily for storage.  However, if the structural components are already in place, finishing the basement can be an easy way to add extra living space to your home.  Whether you choose to create a man cave, an extra bedroom, or even a cinema room, the option is yours. In order to make the basement livable, you will need to ensure an adequate ceiling height, and also consider lighting.  If it’s possible to add windows into the space, this will be the best option.

Convert the Loft

Converting a loft is similar to finishing a basement, however it’s still an easier option than adding an extension to your property, plus you don’t need to lose outdoor space.  Similar to in the basement, you will need to ensure you have an adequate ceiling height as well as lighting (dormer windows are ideal), so it’s best to consult an architect or builder prior to the conversion.  A bathroom/bedroom combo is a great option for the loft as not only will it provide you with an extra room, but it will add to the resale value of your property as well. With all that said, be sure to check out Visionary Lofts for some expert guidance if you decide to go ahead with that conversion.

Convert a Garage

Finally, another option is to convert the garage in your property.  If you don’t currently use your garage for storing your cars, there are plenty of alternate usage options, such as a playroom, a home office, or a craft room, that will free up space in your main dwelling.  When converting a garage, it’s wise to keep in mind that there are some legal rules that will determine what you can and can’t do with the space.  Also, any items previously stored in there will need a new home.

Have you added any extra living space to your home?  Let us know which option you chose in the comments.