My daughter started middle school this year, and we have bought a lot of things between the school supply list and other items that are both useful and necessities too.  It helps to be prepared for school especially if you are transitioning from elementary school to middle school.  Starting a new school is a big change, and with the right supplies, it helps to make the transition easier.

Middle School

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Locker accessories

There are so many locker accessories out there to choose from.  There are accessories that are just for fun, like string lights and locker rugs.  However, there are helpful items to have too, like a locker shelf, small calendar, or other organizational items.  One of the big things about middle school is trying to stay organized, and it helps if a student’s locker isn’t disorganized.

Comfortable backpack

One of my daughter’s big adjustments to middle school was simply having to carry around so much stuff.  She has a huge binder, a laptop provided by the school, books, supplies, lunch, and so on.  Not only that, but she has a walk to the bus stop, so a backpack with comfortable straps is a must, and one that can be easily washed.  We also got something bigger than what the kids used in elementary school, since the kids are carrying much more now.

Middle School

Laptop case

Our school provides the kids with laptops, and so it is important to have a proper case to transport it back and forth without damage.  Lugging a laptop around all day is not necessarily something my daughter looks forward to, but we found this cute laptop case, which makes it easier for her to transport it.  And by finding a case she really likes, it makes the responsibility of the laptop a little easier.

TeePublic Laptop Case

Compact umbrella

Now that my daughter has to walk to the bus stop, a compact umbrella is useful.  While I can drive her to the bus stop, there are times that I am not home or able to pick her up from the bus stop in the rain.  Nothing is worse than a long day at school followed by walking home in pouring rain, so my daughter’s compact umbrella has really come in handy.  She keeps it in the side pocket of her bag and has used it many times to avoid being drenched on the way home.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is useful for keeping hydrated, and also encourages drinking water. Plus, it is a great way to be eco-friendly and teach kids to keep track of their belongings. We always label our water bottles, and the kids use the water bottle filling stations at school. There are plenty of options, from a Hydroflask water bottle to other options.

Portable charger

If your teen has long days at school, a portable charger might come in handy. This can be particularly useful if they do sports or other afterschool activities where their phone battery may run low.