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For moms who choose to work while raising a family, the work/life balance may seem non-existent. Many moms strive to ‘have it all,’ but this isn’t always possible when you have so much to cram into one working day. Some choose to look after their family full-time, while others go to work and arrange childcare.

If you’re looking to manage a career and be a hands-on mom, is it possible to have it all? Many working moms do try and balance their work life and home life, which can, of course, cause a great deal of stress and dissatisfaction. If this sounds like a predicament you are facing at the moment, how can you possibly improve your personal and professional life?

Here are some useful tips:

Set your priorities

One of the initial aspects you need to ponder is what is most important to you in life. This will enable you to set some priorities on looking after yourself, your family and holding down a job. You may need to ask yourself what you just cannot afford to slip up on at this stage of your life. For example, are there any opportunities at work that you desperately need to pursue? Is your personal health struggling as a result of stress? What does your family need right now? These fundamental questions should allow you to put aspects of your life into perspective and come up with solutions.

Additionally, good time management is vital. As a busy mom, there is so much to do, that you are probably struggling to cope to keep on top of your to-do tasks. This is where writing a list would be useful. Prioritize activities and update the family calendar regularly, so each family member can organize themselves without being completely reliant on you.

Let go of the guilt

If you are currently a working mom and just can’t afford to give up your job, don’t feel guilty about the time spent away from your children, as you need to remember that you are still providing for them. While your spouse or your partner may be the breadwinner of the household, your job may be financing the kids’ extracurricular activities, which will go on to enhance their personal growth.

If you are really unhappy and looking to change your job to one that is better suited to your circumstances, why not browse a job site and see if you can find a more flexible position? If you work in the veterinary industry, for example, browsing veterinary nurse jobs will give you the option to seek full-time, part-time and local work, so you have the chance to find a suitable role which achieves a better work/life balance.

It can sometimes feel impossible to pursue your career exactly as you’d want when you’re a mom – but don’t be disheartened. If you want to change jobs, or even retrain for an entirely new career, this is always a possibility! For example, the MOT program at the University of St Augustine, training occupational therapists, as options to complete the course online or at weekends – and many other courses are currently following suit. There’s no need to give up on your dreams as a mom, and remember, a happier you means you’ll be setting a positive example for your kids.

Separate work and mom responsibilities

It is essential to separate your home and work life, so you don’t feel as though you are swamped in too much responsibility. Everyone needs some downtime. Put your professional head on when at work and once you get home, just be mommy. If you are in a job where there is a requirement to complete tasks at home, put these on the bottom of your to-do list until the kids have gone to bed. If you are self-employed, make sure you are strict with yourself and end your working day at a reasonable time.