Fashion is not merely about glamour, trends and other flashy things but how a woman interprets her style statement. Styling was a challenge for a full-figured or plus size woman but it is a thing of the past. Entro dress has plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect outfit.

No matter the age, women always desire to appear in-shape. When a woman is overweight, she will look for ways which will give her appearance that WOW factor thereby making her the center of attraction. Along with diet and exercise, clothing too plays a pivotal part to enhance her looks. For creating an impression, a stout woman should wear something which fits her looks and also suits her personality.  

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Tips to Consider

Below are some fantastic tips for different body types.

  • Apple Shaped Body- In case of an apple-shaped body, the maximum weight is on the body’s top half especially around the waist giving a round appearance. Along with a tummy that is protruding, most apple shaped women possess a big bust with a full rib cage or back while the arms and legs are slender. Such women should wear V-necklines or Scooped necklines for creating the illusion both of smaller waist and a longer torso. Dresses and skirts that are knee-length with an A-line shape will be a good choice. Straight-leg or boot-cut pants and jeans will balance the top. Geometric prints and vertical patterns will be a good choice. Now the question is what to avoid? Well, oversize shapes and clothes that are too tight is a big no. Other things that need one must keep away from wearing include clothes with pockets and pleats in the fullest areas, high-cut necklines, pencil skirts, boxy jackets and belts worn at the natural waistline.
  • Pear Shaped Body- Here the maximum weight is towards the body’s lower half such as heavy upper thighs or full hips. The shoulder is narrow compared to the hips while the waist is clearly defined. So, a balance needs to be created between the bottom and the top. Wearing structured jackets with a little padding at the shoulder tops and wide square necklines, boat or ballet and short jackets having shape towards the waist will be the right choice. Some pear shape friendly clothing includes fit dresses with flare, A-line skirts, asymmetrical hemlines, and boot-cut, straight or full-leg jeans and pants. While the dresses that they can steer clear of wearing include skinny pants, slim-cut, snug-fitting skirts or any embellishments or pockets on the bottom or around the hips.
  • Straight Body Type (Pencil or Rectangle) – Here the weight is evenly distributed both on the bottom and top, and there is a little curvature or definition towards the waist. Women with a straight body type will have bust and shoulders of the same width as that of the hips. The best pieces to wear include V-neck tops, deep scoop-necks, surplice tops and wrap tops because these will help in drawing the eye downward, create angles thereby giving the look of a waistline. Some stylish plus size womens clothing under this category include tops with feminine details such as ruffles on cardigans or tops having asymmetrical stripes, boot-cut jeans, and trousers, full, long skirts, trumpet skirts, A-line skirts, high-waisted pants, pencil skirts that are high-waisted and dresses that have a fit and flare. While clothes that they may avoid wearing include anything straight-cut with regards to dresses, skirts, and jackets.
  • Hour Glass Body– In this case, women have fuller hips and bust and a waistline that is small and clearly defined. The weight gets evenly distributed in the lower and the upper half. Every woman with an hourglass body should wear streamlined and straightforward shapes to flatter devoid of overdoing the same. It is best to select cuts which will follow her natural lines such as wrap styles, shaped jackets, and peplums. High waisted skirts teamed with a belt will work wonders in showcasing her midsection. Besides a pencil skirt having strategic seaming will also look great. When it comes to pants and jeans, straight-leg styles, body-skimming boot-cut or slim-cut is the way to go. On the other hand, clothes that they may avoid wearing include oversize cuts, frills and ruffles, Capri or cropped pants, belts worn below the hip and full skirts having busy patterns.  
  • Inverted Triangle Shaped Body- Here there is a broad shoulder while the upper torso will taper inwards especially towards the hip thereby making the upper section of the body heavier compared to the lower. The rear, legs, and hips are slimmer which makes the V-shape pronounced. Women with inverted triangle shaped body must wear tops which will help to accentuate the waist such as V-necks and wrap tops that focus the attention downward. And for filling the lower half, it is good to try A-line skirts, wide leg pants, and dresses that have a fit and flare. Jeans with a little taper towards the knees will also be a good choice. When it comes to colors, bolder and darker colors will be the right choice for drawing the eyes downwards. So, what to avoid? The list includes capri pants, slim-cut pants, wide boatneck collars, crew-neck, shoulder pads, embellishments, lapels, and oversize collars.

Wearing a dress indeed is one of the sure-fire means of feeling feminine, bringing out one’s inner grace and lifting her spirits. To wear the right dress needs a lot of courage because this is a bold move. Any dress will have in it that “look at me” factor. If you are a heavy or full-figured woman struggling in getting that right clothing for yourself which will make you look smart and fashionable, then you should know your body type and the basic style tricks. Just because you are overweight does not mean that you cannot appear fabulous.

Today, plus-size women dress well and with confidence. That is no longer the age where full-figured women need to put on unfashionable and dowdy attire. Thanks to the large variety of plus size clothing available today, there’s fashionable attire available to people from all walks of life. It’s easy to obtain—no need to special order or go to an outlet store—and looks good. Whether you need a fancy dress or a fashionable sweater, you’ll find it with ease. Due to the competition among fashion designers and the amends in trends, clothes are especially being designed for the larger women so they can choose one as per their taste and look like a diva.