Most people look up to the legal system of their country or city! If anyone has to seek justice and compensation for an injury or any other crime, then it’s the legal system that they approach. There are times when the legal system with its rules and lawyers has been able to solve some complicated criminal cases. Expert lawyers have been able to restore law and order in the society. However, there’s also a reality to this system. That of unequal treatment! Often the legal treatment and outcome doled to the rich and the poor for the same crime. And this has been an impending issue for a while now. Let’s look deeper into this aspect.

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Are you aware of anyone arrested for any misdemeanor offense? It could be anything from smoking a joint, jumping off a turnstile or rebelling for a cause. And you could have done in a way that the legal wouldn’t have expected you to. And when it comes to serving jail, know one thing for good – that it has very less to do with your actions, but more to do with the fact if you can afford bail. Let’s accept this. The fact that high-end justice gets preserved for the rich or the ones who can afford or the rich is not unknown. This discrepancy is visible even in America’s complex bail system.

Recent changes in the legal system

Recently, the chief judge, in New York focused on this difference between both haves and have-nots. He suggested with ample know-how that the legal system is against those who have been guilty of the misdemeanor crimes. And who are not capable of bailing themselves. As a result, these people will have to keep staying in the jail, even before their trial takes place. Generally, it takes close to three months on an average for one misdemeanor issue, presented in the New York City trial. Sometimes, people end up spending the same more or even more times in jail, even before there’s a proof for being convicted for any flaws.

Close to or more than 60% US People today happen to be ethnic minorities and racial. It also includes the proof and the common people as well. One of the best NGO projects done for addressing unidentified and inefficient, the Sentencing Project expressed back in 2013, sad the United States comes with two prima; the criminal justice system. One system is exclusively for the wealthy population. There are other things to wear that other person can search and opt-into. To understand the system better, you ask a couple of questions, to an ace professional service provider before you sign the investment.

The Sentencing Project

Back in 2013, the Sentencing Project was a fabulous proof that the United States has two or more criminal justice. They are always hiring the best in the same. What does one mean by that?

The court is said to be free of class and race. The access to essential resources generates a considerable difference in the way justice has been bestowed on the people on the U.S. Furthermore, the poor communities, as well as the ingredient defenders, usually will lack a stage benefit.  The law enforcement guidelines that talks on the “stop and frisk” are generally deployed on low-income teams. Here you can say that money is a negative force that can get into your family life and alter it all inside out.

The answer is something like this. The indigent defendants need to depend on the attorneys fixed by the court. Majority of them lack experience. Also, a couple of them might or might not be the caseloads. Since the accessibility of the private funding treatment program is limited, accessing such a service might be the alternative to incarceration. They can generate their news by staying available done even with family defendants along with other family members.  

The Human Rights Watch had issued a report back in 2010, named the “The Price of Freedom.” This report has all the necessary details on the American bail system as a whole. This report is an interesting study highlight that something like poverty, which is not even our doing is what sales the fate of a person.

A news trivia might interest you. Back in 2008, some defendants were charged for all kinds of non-felony charges. They were also granted bail for $1,000 or even a lesser amount. And the total percentage for this was 13% of defendants, who could place a bail-in action.

The political scenario

Keeping everything in mind, do you often question if our politicians are taking the correct actions. And also, whether the activities are substantial! There have been moments where political leaders have shown acceptance to various significant reforms, by following the long-term advocacy programs. One of the major highlights is the Congress adoption in 2010 of Fair Sentencing Act. Others include the following:

  • Minimizing excess sentences for the crack cocaine offenses
  • The seven states doing away with the death penalty in the past decade
  • The support of California voters in 2014 for Proposition 47
  • Bringing down six lower-level property as well as drug abuse from felonies

In the past decade, the changing political system also had an impact on the criminal justice system. The principal leaders of significant parties made it possible to address mass incarceration. And both the Republican and the Democratic governors in many states have been able to endorse the sentencing reform legislation. It is especially true for drug cases as well as the bipartisan legislation that is pending in the Congress. It is expected to scale back vast penalties in several federal cases. These developments are truly motivating. But still, there needs a lot to be done in case of the different treatment for the rich and the poor. We hope the days to come will bring positive changes.