Like many cosmetic procedures, a hair transplant is a very private and personal experience. Since most hair transplants are performed under these circumstances or without people admitting they had one after the procedure, they can appear to be mysterious and puzzling to someone who is thinking about the treatment, which makes it easy to stigmatize it.

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The reality is that a hair transplant has the potential to look much more natural than what its reputation has previously implied. There are ongoing advancements in the procedure along with more information being accessible to potential patients.

Hair Transplant Considerations

If you are considering hair transplants, there are a number of things that are worth knowing, whether you are curious about the surgery or want to move forward with the innovative hair loss solution.

Hair Transplants for Men and Women

  • Hair transplants are often linked to men who seek a way to address the issue of male pattern hair loss. However, there are a growing number of women who are opting for the procedure as well.
  • Many women aim to create the illusion of a lower hairline or lower their hairline through an in crease in the density of hair that surrounds their faces.
  • The addition of healthy hair follicles around the part line also provides a significant cosmetic improvement among women whose hair may be thinning at the top of the head.

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Aspects of Hair Loss

While hair transplants can lead to a major difference for many individuals who experience hair loss, this is not a procedure that is suitable for everyone. There are essential criteria that need to be considered such as whether the person has sufficient donor hair for the areas that are balding or thin and the type of hair loss the person has.

Male pattern baldness that is caused by a high level of the androgen hormone is typically the optimal kind for this type of procedure. It is also important to ensure that the donor hair is not in the process of falling out.

Harvesting Hair Follicles

The objective of increasing hair density is similar but there are two ways to achieve a hair transplant successfully. Both of these methods require local anesthesia. The donor area at the back of the head is numbed before harvesting hair follicles from it. This is done either by removing individual hair follicles with a small motorized punch or by removing a thin part of the scalp that contains hair and using sutures to close this area.

Cost and Quality

This type of procedure will inevitably cost you a substantial amount but it is worth the investment and assurance of amazing results. Hair transplants range in price and depend on the practitioner who carries out the procedure and the amount of hair follicles that will be harvested.

Duration of the Procedure

Patients may spend most of their day at the medical facility and are likely to need a family member or friend to take them home when the procedure is over if mild sedation is used. Surgery usually takes all day and may range from 4-8 hours. It can take some months for new hair to be grown from transplanted follicles.