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Are you planning on revamping your kitchen? Then one of the first things you should look into is installing cabinets! Not only do these help keep the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but it can also help keep everything organized and clean. After all, no one would want to end up working in a cluttered kitchen with pots and pans placed everywhere!

However, there are many types of kitchen cabinets to choose from, making it very confusing for many homeowners, particularly in terms of style. So how are ways to choose the best cabinets for you? Read on as I show you five important tips for selecting the best cabinet styles for your kitchen!

There are so many things to consider when selecting a cabinet style. To help you out, these are the most important ones to focus on:

  1.    Stock or Custom? What Style?

Before anything else, it’s best to figure out if the cabinets your want are either custom-made or already made form factors. This will depend on your budget, style, and needs of your kitchen.

  • A stock cabinet is ready-made and mass produces, sold in various sizes and colors. It’s cheap and quick to install.
  • Semi-custom are also like stock cabinets but you are able to customize the size and add a few personalized details. You have some advantages of a custom cabinet without the very expensive pricey
  • Custom kitchen cabinets are built according to your specifications and the way you want it. Because it’s customized and not pre-made, they are laborious to make and the most expensive version, also taking quite a long time to complete.
  1.    Storage Space and Function

Like mentioned, a kitchen cabinet will be able to provide the ample space one needs for better storage. That’s why it’s best to figure out what your cabinet needs, such as the size it needs to be and the kind of storage option you want.

Look into the type of items you plan on storing. You may want to consider drawers for your cutlery, and upper or lower kitchen cabinets for your bigger appliances and utensils. Your cabinet shouldn’t only look amazing but it should be functional as well, fitting all kitchen necessities in an organized manner.

  1.    The Color and Finish

Of course, you’ll need to consider the color and finish you want, which can make or break your cabinet style. While there are a ton of colors you can choose from according to the kitchen’s style, think about the specific finish you want to use. There are dozens of finishes to choose from and it’s up to you to see which one works best in terms of lighting, looks, and longevity.

Avoid using something that’s trending only today, as it can become dated over time. Go for light neutrals or wood finishes, which helps with your home’s value.

  1.    Cabinet Hardware and Frame

Regardless of the type of kitchen cabinet you choose, the hardware can also create that finishing touch it needs to look beautiful and have it last longer. The general rule is to have the hardware align with the door style of your cabinet. With the sleek cabinet door, you should have simple knobs and pulls the thane a clean silhouette.

Also, don’t forget about the hinges! Exposed hinges should have the similar finish as all the hardware as well. This creates the detailed and continued design that has everything look good. Plus, focus on quality as well, which will have the cabinets last for a long time.

  1.    Your Kitchen Style

And finally, think about your kitchen style as well. You’ll want the cabinet style to match what your kitchen has to offer. There are some kitchen styles that have the traditional, classic look. Some have a more modern, contemporary design. Choose a cabinet that matches that style and color scheme to have the entire kitchen look beautiful and not messy. Once you figure out the kitchen style, that’s when you can get into looking at the matching colors and design of kitchen cabinets.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! With the right kitchen cabinet style, you’ll be able to ensure that your kitchen looks beautiful just as it acts functionally. No messier kitchen and you can have things organized and clean for a long time.

Hopefully, this article on the five important tips in selecting the best cabinets style for a kitchen gave you an idea on what to choose. So don’t wait any longer and look into great companies like Urban Kitchens and Joinery to help you out now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own ideas on selecting kitchen cabinets, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.