Frances England Blue Skies Sunny Days

I received a copy of this CD in exchange for my honest review.

A couple years ago, we enjoyed Frances England’s album, “Explorer of the World”, and this summer she is back with new music.  “Blue Skies & Sunny Days” is another collection of light songs for children.

Frances England is a GRAMMY-nominated artist who has produced several albums for children.  “Blue Skies & Sunny Days” is a feel-good album of songs that are laid-back and relaxed, and sure to put you in a good mood.

Frances England

The songs on Blue Skies & Sunny Days are full of positive messages.  “Into the Wild” reminds you how good nature is for the soul.  “Perfect Tuesday Afternoon” has you cherishing those perfect days.  The album captures that carefree childhood feeling, and even has some lyrics in there for parents to savor their little ones’ childhood.

It’s nice having music that is peaceful, light, and uplifting!

There are 8 tracks on this lovely album: 

  1. Carefree  3:22
  2. Into the Wild  2:43
  3. Not Just My Sister  3:15
  4. Good Day  1:37
  5. If You Want To Sing Out  3:04
  6. Mama Said   3:58
  7. Perfect Tuesday Afternoon  3:08
  8. Watching You Grow  3:04

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Frances England’s Blue Skies & Sunny Days CD

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