How to Save Money for Forthcoming Holidays and Events

Everyone goes for a vacation in a year whether it is domestic or international trip and you spend a big amount on the trip. If you are planning for a international trip then you can look for destination with favorable exchange rates. After that, you have to set a budget for the trip and plan for the dates. If you are booking through travel partner you can give a deposit amount to reserve the spot and while booking through a website you have to pay the full amount to reserve the place. With travel agency, you can get early bird perk and there is plenty of room availability with various flights to pick from and grab incentives from vendor. There are many advantages with travel partner where he puts things on hold with free of charge and the place is reserved for you before the inventory sells out.

Airline Booking

If you have enough holidays then you can be flexible with dates and identify the cheapest day to fly out. You can also book flight with budget friendly airline and try to fly midweek if the dates are flexible. Check where the airport location and sometimes the budget airline may fly out of the town. Always use private browser (incognito mode) to have consistent flight ticket rate. Try to book connecting flight instead of direct flight where you can save a lot. If you have decided the place and time, then you can do booking far ahead without any hesitation where the baseline price remains low. Try to use the flight point when it is possible to lower the price.

Hotel Booking

Try to book hotel as early as possible to required room and do direct (website) hotel booking as well as avoid third parties where they get commission. You can also earn miles with every booking to earn loyalty program and you can redeem it in the next booking.

If there is change in plan from a non refundable hotel then you can resell the room to someone using or In some-cases, if your hotel does not provide free breakfast then you use a few packs of instant oatmeal and cook it if there is microwave in your hotel. It is best skip the hotel bar and do your own laundry to save money. You can also use credit card to get more deals on hotel and also use coupon code to get offer from hotel on various site like retailmenot, groupon and mrbargainer. You can also go for homestay if you are missing a last minute hotel deal. Homestay is also cheaper and it is useful if you have gone in a group.

Saving on Shopping

While doing shopping on a holiday destination, get products which is unique to that area and try use credit card or debit card. During shopping, you can use public transportation instead of cab or go by walk to nearby places. You can also try to cut down entertainment expense and also use Groupon promo, mrbargainer coupons and other coupon sites during shopping.

How to Save Money for Forthcoming Holidays and Events

Wedding Event

If you are planning for wedding on a particular budget and try to get the number of attendees inside as well as out. Getting a clear view audience demographic will help you to plan in a better manner. You can negotiate with venues and try to get multiple quotes for venues. If your are buy paper invitation and other cards, you can check online for best prices and keep your design simple. You can go white envelopes instead of colored ones and many companies are offering wedding e-cards and online RSVPs to save money on postage and time. The wedding transport may go high and you can use friends or family member car instead of paying rented cars.

Buy wedding dress that fits your budget and customize the dress. Whereas in wedding musical moment, you can go for DJ package to cover the ceremony and you can also opt for smaller band. Count the number of guest and then give it your caters guest count in advance. They can prepare food according to the number of head count and you can try non popular catering company.

Birthday Event

You can make your own cake and invitation without purchasing from others. It is better to keep a simple meal plan and also do handmade decoration for the birthday. You can invite those who are closest to you and also cook food at home and get help from friends or relatives during food preparation. Skip elaborate party games and go for basic games like three-legged race, duck-duck-goose and more.

Get together Event

Select the venue according to the head count and if the head count is less you can keep it house itself. You can also prepare food from home and have basic drinks for every home bar like 50% beer, 25% wine and 25% liquor.

All these methods are the best way to save big amount of money on vacation and events.