Weight Loss with Correct Exercise

Understanding How Exercise Works

All exercise is not the same, so going to the gym and pushing weights and doing loads of sit ups and press ups is not necessarily the answer to losing some weight. Exercise can be broadly broken down into 4 main areas – aerobic (or endurance), strength, flexibility and balance. Aerobic exercise increases your breathing and heart rate, and is the major component of general fitness. It exercises the cardiovascular system, can prevent heart disease, or diabetes and if done regularly, it helps you to build up endurance. Examples are running, swimming, badminton or tennis, dancing, or even a brisk walk.

Strength exercises are important for keeping bones and muscles strong, with lifting weights and Press-ups as good examples. Flexibility plays an important role in keeping the body limber and able to maintain a wide range of motion, through stretching or yoga, while practicing and improving balance helps strengthen the body’s core.

Identifying the Right Exercise Plan

While many people exercise for fun, some people are trying to shed a few pounds and for them, the big question is, what are the best exercises for me? The number one point, regardless of which exercise you do choose, of course, is that weight loss comes down to a matter of calories. To burn off weight, you need to be using more calories than you are actually consuming, known as creating a calorie deficit. Other factors, such as the amount of sleep you get, your stress levels and lifestyle habits can all have an impact on weight reduction, so every person is different, and the way for them to lose weight can be completely different from someone else. Getting the right plan for you is an individual journey, the first step of which may well be discussing a weight loss programme with your local gym professionals. If you happen to be in the UK and have a London personal trainer to rely on, you can be sure of making good progress and reaching your fitness goals.

Activities Which Help Burn Calories

The important thing is to find an activity which you actually enjoy, if you have any hope of keeping it going, and to give it 100% when you do. A little effort five times a week is not as good for you as going flat out only two or three times. The goal is to elevate your metabolism and one suggested way to really elevate it whilst exercising, is to periodically intensify the effort levels. If you are swimming, running, using an exercise bike, or any other activity, to put in short bursts of intense effort, that extra effort for 30 seconds or a minute, where you give it everything, lifts your metabolism rate, and it takes the body a long time before it slows down again.

There are many activities which can be part of your exercise programme, whether you want to lose weight, or simply get yourself and keep yourself in shape. If you have specific goals in mind, then you really can’t just go to the gym every so often and think to yourself that you are doing the right thing. You need to have a coordinated plan, which involves the right amount of exercise, the right amount of intensity, the right amount of frequency, while ensuring that your dietary intake is considered. Each person is different, so it is advisable to get professional advice on finding, and sticking to the right plan.